Monday, November 1, 2010

31 October 10 - Traveling Scarf

When Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 asked who wanted to participate in the next round of the Traveling Scarf, I wanted to try it out! I missed the last two rounds and was hoping I was able to participate. She even helped us out by pointing out the fact that Affordable Scarves was sponsoring the scarf and their new project had videos of 37 ways to wear a scarf!

I literally watched every video for the rectangle long scarf. I really liked the knot row and rosette neck wrap method and those had not been done before. I live in Houston and our fall weather hasn't really started yet. I didn't want to have a scarf wrapped around my neck when the temp was 85 degrees. The scarf has been worn as a one loop scarf, knotted, double looped, a low tie, in a bow, draped then belted, head scarf, and even a shirt (I was actually thinking about this one)! How many more ways could I think of? As a necklace! I've worn a scarf as a necklace before and wanted to try again.

I found the center of the scarf and tied a knot in it, I then separated the other halves and tied a knot on either side of the middle knot. I wanted the "necklace" to not have too much bulk so I twisted the scarf a bit and then tied it in a knot for the back. I then slipped the brooch pin under the middle knot and viola! I hope you like it!

Outfit Details:
White tank - Target
Yellow Cardi - Loft
Grey Jeans - Faith21
Miami Scarf - Affordable Scarves
Grey wedges - Old Navy
Brooch - From Katie
Super close up picture so you can see the scarf as a necklace and the brooch!


Kimberly said...

LOVE IT!! You will be up on FFUF later this evening.

shealennon said...

What a creative way to wear the scarf!!! I'll have to try that with one of mine!

K said...

I put my comment on the wrong post (the post about groupon) :) I love your scarf idea!

KT said...

You posted! Yay!

Pretty Fearless said...

That looks so chic. I have to try to duplicate that.

Hillary said...

I didn't know you did the traveling scarf. I am horrible about mailing stuff so I never sign up for it. I love the way you wore it.