Wednesday, May 19, 2010

17 May 10 - Monday

No proper outfit post from yesterday (Monday), but I did snap a quick photo of my shoes. Doesn't leopard print make everything better? It does for me!

I wore navy blue pants, this top which has the best little blue stripe detail (it's no longer available online, but will likely be in your local store), and this cardigan. Yes, it is the very same one I wore last week except a different color...I have a problem with multiples, people! The shoes are from Fashion Bug and I scored them for $5!!!

What are your favorite color combos lately? Here are some of my favorites: neutrals, neutrals, neutrals (off white, white, khaki, army green, gold, super light pink, light grey); navy, white, green (I'm finding myself buying more and more navy and green); and grey, navy, burgundy/maroon (I know this can be more of a fall/winter palette, but I love it).

Remember, there's still time to enter the Fashion to Figure Dress Giveaway...ends this Friday, May 21!


chiara said...

Oh, I have been looking for shoes like these forever. I can't quite seem to find the right pair. I'd wear them with beige, red, black...

Wicked Thrifty said...

looove the leopard shoes. nice! i found a leopard skirt recently and have been having fun using it as a neutral with bright teal, eggplant and hot pink.

my favorite combos lately have been hot-pink-and-cobalt and grey-and-purple. i never used to like grey at all but lately i love it!

Weesha said...

those shoes are seriously hot!!

Anika said...

absolutely great shoes, and great blog! putting you on my blogroll, and would love for you to check out mine :)

xx Anika