Monday, May 3, 2010

03 May 10 - TMI

So, maybe you could move past the weird look I have on my face....or not.

Let's just get the TMI out of the way. This skirt is part of Merona's (Target) Fit Solutions line. I liked the shape of the skirt and figured since I wear Spanx (lie, I wear Assets...same thing though, kind of) under ALL of my dresses or skirts why not just skip that and try this Fit Solutions skirt? YES, I do this...I don't care if it's 100 degrees outside, I will wear's better than lumpy, bumpy. The only time I don't wear them is if I'm wearing tights and then I get the control top ones anyway. Uh.....for me it was a big, fat fail. The lining (assets part) of the skirt is made of nylon and spandex....nylon mostly, and let me tell you nylon rubbing together (here's the TMI part) is just not the best feeling or sound. I know I'm not the only one whose thighs rub together, so I'm over that part, but dang...that nylon hurt me! Thankfully, that day I did not walk around too much, but I will not be wearing this skirt on a super hot day, that's just pain waiting to happen. Plus, the swish, swish, swish of the material rubbing together is just not a good sound. Anyway....other than that, I thought the skirt was cute. Target should really consider making the lining the same material as Sara Blakley makes Assets, just my opinion though.

Outfit Details
Plum Ruffle Tank - Loft (This one is on sale!)
Floral cardi - Loft (sold out online, but you can check your local store)
Black skirt - Target
Black peep toe heels - Macy's


Lesa said...

Good to know because I am always trolling Target and might have bought this. I too am a fan of assets.

Bianca said...

I hate swishing noises when I am walking :-)

Love the cardi, I have picked it up a few times, but never purchased it.

Vaia said...

I wear super thin, almost bike shorts, material under my skirts. I love the idea - saves my thighs and lets me wear skirts! Gorgeous cardi!

Lorena said...

I wear cut off tights.... it helps :)
This looks very pretty on you, gorgeous top.