Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27 April 10

Another try at the iphone picture....hmmmmm....I don't think we're getting any better at it. I have a shaky hand and apparently my husband does too, but I do think if we had natural light, this might have turned out better. Either way, here it is!

Are you loving LOFT as much as I am lately? There's no other place I love to shop as much as LOFT, and when they have sales, boy, do they have sales! I do order most of my items online from them if they're bottoms b/c I wear a larger size than what they typically have in the stores, but LOFT is good about having so many items on sale, there are a few that I frequent to get the most for my dollar.

Today's Outfit:
Brown Tweed/Linen pants - Forth and Towne
Tab Sleeve Peach Cardigan - LOFT
Pink/Peach necklace - NY and Co
Brown Suede Wedges - NineWest
The cardigan and shirt are both on sale at LOFT, the cardigan wasn't online anymore, but I'm sure it's still in stores. I went overboard with my multiple obsession and got this in the peach, pink, black, and grey colors...oops. The necklace from NY and Co is a recent purchase, although it's not online either, I'm sure it's still in stores though.
Have a great day!


Berty said...

Very cute!

Lesa said...

You are so smart to have a multipe obsession. I buy one and then want more when they are gone. That is a great color for you.

Bianca said...

YEP! Loving Loft this past month. And that cardi is on my go back and get it list - for tomorrow. Hopefully its still in my size! :-)

The color is so nice on you! Cute outfit.