Monday, March 15, 2010

10 March 10 - Looks from Last Week

So, it looks like the blog is no different from real life....I'm always a "little" late.

Here's a look from last week and I have a feeling that the tights are going to be going to bed soon since we had so much sun this weekend and it was actually HOT at one point. There's no return to cool weather once it gets hot here in Houston...the summers are scorchers and we don't typically have a Spring season.

I got this scarf along with a couple of others from and I knew it would probably be my one and only time to wear it here in Texas. Maybe I can take it on my vacation in California I'm going on in a bit since the temps will still be chilly in the evening and in the mornings. This scarf has the grey/black/white thing going on, but on further inspection there was a tiny bit of blue-green. I wore this on my way to work for some added warmth, but took it off once I got there. No pic of that though.

Outfit Details:

Grey jumper dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Printed cardigan - Target
Black tights - Target
Grey tweed heels - Payless
Grey belt - NY and Co
Scarf - (this color is out of stock, but they're having a 15% off winter sale and there are other colors available)
I just realized I'm in line with Kimberly's Outfit Calendar (for today even though I wore this last week, oh, and it's a skirt, not a dress.....uhm...well, you get the picture)


Bianca said...

Ooh preetty! I like the violet color with the gray!

Man, I WISH it would warm up here. I would love to back in skirts every day without worrying about tights. :-/

Zuzuli said...

Love this combination!!!