Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Contest Reminder - Deadline is Tomorrow

Hi All!

Just a little reminder about the eShakti.com contest I blogged about here.

It's a win - win....go over and enter!

Please be sure to mention my blog and name when entering....thanks in advance for the love!

Monday, March 15, 2010

10 March 10 - Looks from Last Week

So, it looks like the blog is no different from real life....I'm always a "little" late.

Here's a look from last week and I have a feeling that the tights are going to be going to bed soon since we had so much sun this weekend and it was actually HOT at one point. There's no return to cool weather once it gets hot here in Houston...the summers are scorchers and we don't typically have a Spring season.

I got this scarf along with a couple of others from affordablescarves.com and I knew it would probably be my one and only time to wear it here in Texas. Maybe I can take it on my vacation in California I'm going on in a bit since the temps will still be chilly in the evening and in the mornings. This scarf has the grey/black/white thing going on, but on further inspection there was a tiny bit of blue-green. I wore this on my way to work for some added warmth, but took it off once I got there. No pic of that though.

Outfit Details:

Grey jumper dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Printed cardigan - Target
Black tights - Target
Grey tweed heels - Payless
Grey belt - NY and Co
Scarf - affordablescarves.com (this color is out of stock, but they're having a 15% off winter sale and there are other colors available)
I just realized I'm in line with Kimberly's Outfit Calendar (for today even though I wore this last week, oh, and it's a skirt, not a dress.....uhm...well, you get the picture)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

07 March 10 - Weekend Outfit

This is what I wore while running errands over the weekend.

There were lots of sales going on this weekend, and of course, I took advantage of them, did you? I typically do not wear makeup on the weekends, unless I'm going out at night or to a party, event, etc. Is your makeup routine the same on the weekends?
I figured this little jacket would get a lot of wear (I got one in navy as well) later this month while I'm in California on vacation. We're going to LA and Santa Barbara for a friend's wedding. Anyone have any recommendations on a wine tour in Santa Barbara? If so, please leave them in the comments or email me at sigma_veronica at hotmail.com, thanks!

Outfit Details:

Navy pants - Old Navy
Cream twirl embellished shirt - Loft
Anorak - Loft
Scarf - Target
Flip flops - Loft

Another view so you can see the shirt...

Detailed shots of the scarf and design on shirt

Friday, March 5, 2010

04 March 10 - A Day Late

The weather is warming up here in Texas and soon I won't be able to wear all the cardigans I bought over the last few months, so sad....

I scored a super cute moto jacked at NY and Co during lunch today that I can't WAIT to wear this weekend. It's similar to this, but it's not faux leather. I guess I'm behind on that trend, but better late than never I guess. I got a few other shirts that were on sale for $7.99 and $14.99, wow, what a deal! Of course I used my coupon that I received via email for $25 off a total of $75, totally worth it!

I started using picnik.com to touch up my photos and am still trying to get the hang of it. If I look a bit too dark in some pictures, it's probably because I have been experimenting!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Outfit Details:

Pink/grey/black diamond print tank - NY and Co
Pink cardigan with flower applique - NY and Co
Grey pants - Old Navy
Grey faux suede MJ's - Target

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look from Last Week

Here's an outfit I wore last week.

I have no clue why I always want to blur out anything else besides me, but I do and I know it doesn't look good, but hopefully I can just deal with it...

Outfit Details:

Black/white/grey/blue dress - Old Navy
Cardigan - Target
Grey belt - NY and Co.
Grey pearl necklace - Forever21 (black ribbon was just some I had left over)
Black tights - Target
Black heels - Payless

Monday, March 1, 2010

The eShakti Woman Contest

Contest Time!

eShakti is sponsoring the eShakti Woman Contest and everyone is a winner!

Details from eShakti:

Who is the eShakti Woman?

What does she do? Is she under 30 or over? What would you say about her lifestyle? Her income? Her education level? more...Most importantly, what kind of person is she in her head? No answer can be wrong. But some answers can be more right than others!

eShakti offers distinctive clothes for the full size range and also offers custom clothes which can also be custom-styled.

What kind of woman would shop at eShakti? Where else would she be shopping as well?

Who do you think is The eShakti Woman? Enter The eShakti Woman contest and tell us!

Prizes include:

Grand Prize of $250 Gift Card to eShakti!!!

25 people will win $50 Gift Card to eShakti!

No one goes away empty handed! eShakti is giving each participant a $10 Gift Card!!!! It's a win-win!

Here is the link (link under picture and to the left) to the contest with full details/conditions, please remember to mention me, Veronica, and Everyday Wear blog when you enter!

Good Luck!

Had a Good Weekend?

Yes, this is a question...to all of you! I hope you had a good weekend, did you?

I spent the weekend with my husband "spring cleaning" our apartment. No amount of spring cleaning can keep up with all of my clothes, shoes, scarves, and jewelry. I really need to get organized! Next up is the jewelry, I think I'm going to save that for this weekend and I have some ideas in store.

I saw this story and thought I would share. I typically sell used clothing at garage sales or I'll just donate it. What do you do with your items, do you consign them or try to sell them at the thrift shop?

I have a couple of outfits posts for this week, so I should get them up in the next few days. Today is the 1st workday of the month, so I am extremely BUSY!

Are you taking advantage of the Ann Taylor Loft sale of spring sweaters that are only $20???!!??? Select styles of course, but I have 3 right now sitting in my checkout bag, still trying to determine if I REALLY need them or want them that much. Remember if you are shopping online, always use ebates.com, you get money back on your purchases, it's kind of a no brainer!