Monday, February 8, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Wow, haven't updated the blog in a long, long time! I have still been reading blogs, but have been really busy these last 4 1/2 months since I've been gone. I kind of got "over" taking my picture every day and wearing (what I felt) the same thing all the time. I have a ton of clothes in my closet, but I was just feeling unmotivated, uninspired, and not good enough (in my head) to be updating this blog. So I decided to just take time and figure out what I wanted to do, if anything. I think I am finally going to restart taking pictures, hopefully daily and then updating my blog as time permits. Thanks for the emails and comments wondering where I was!

So, over my "break" here's a few things that happened:

1. My pc got a major virus
2. Got my pc fixed
3. Been working on a MAJOR project at work and working some long hours
4. Got engaged!
5. Got to go onstage with Donnie Wahlberg!!! (of NKOTB)
6. Got married! (VERY short engagement...all of 2 weeks)
7. My sister came to visit and had fun visiting with her.
8. Holiday time...parties, family, friends.
9. My pc got another major virus
10. Got my pc fixed, and it's like new again. (and yes, I had virus protection, etc both times it f'ed up)

That's about it!

Here's a picture of the day I got married. Dress from Nordstrom, Shoes from Nine West, jewelry borrowed.


Kyla said...

Yay! Congratulations! You look amazing in your dress! Here's to a great future with the one you love!

Bianca said...

Congrats - you look so beautiful! Oh, and I LOVE those shoes - so pretty! :-)

Zuzuli said...

Lady!! Congratulations - the dress is gorgeous and a wonderful photo!
Welcome back :)

The Big Girl Blog! said...

Glad you're back! Congrats on the wedding... and dancing with NKOTB members?!?! Maybe my hopes for a Justin & JC run in arent in vain!


Joyce in NC said...

Congratulations!! I wish you many years of happiness. I follow your blog and I've missed your daily updates on your wardrobe.

Kimberly said...

Holy crap, lady, you looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day. Congrats!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

congrats!!! what a beautiful bride!

tiltedhalo said...

Heyyyyy, you're back and married!!! Congratulations girlie! You look absolutely fab and your dude looks dapper too! Got your email, but I see you were saving the goods for the blog! LOL Can't wait to see your new outfits (when time permits) that is. :)

Ms. LMC said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Your wedding dress is fab!

Nyssa said...

Congrats on getting married! Your dress was pretty.

chantal1922 said...


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Congrats...that was a short engagement!

And that wedding dress of yours is THE BUSINESS!!! I love it to pieces!!!!!!!!!

Oh and thank you for adding me to your blogroll! And yes girl, I'm in Houston as well! Hopefully one day, we will have a Houston blogger meet up!...(drinks must be involved though! lol)