Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Overdue

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been FOREVER since I updated my blog, but I wanted to post something that was VERY long overdue.

I was contacted by the lovely people at GlassesUSA to see if I'd like to try a pair of their eyeglasses, and of course I said yes! I've been wearing glasses since I was in high school (a long time ago) and now wear contacts, but on those days that my eyes are bothering me or I just want to take a break, I do wear glasses. I hadn't updated my glasses for a while, so this came at the perfect time!

I used the link to visit the website, and I can't tell you how very impressed I was with the selection of affordable and stylish prescription glasses for both men and women. With the affordable prices online, you can afford to purchase more than one pair to go with your many outfits! Not only does GlassesUSA provide a variety of styles, they want you to be happy with your purchase and have written a couple of articles that showcase what frames may flatter your style and how to pick out the perfect pair of frames to highlight your face.

You can start treating your glasses more of an accessory instead of a necessity with the many stylish eyeglass frames at GlassesUSA. The great people over at GlassesUSA have extended a coupon code to all Everyday Wear readers. You can get 5% off of your purchase with them! Use code: Mommy5 to receive this discount!

I just wanted to also extend my apology to the great people over at GlassesUSA, I agreed to review the glasses some time ago, but am just now posting this review.

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Lynette said...

Yay! You're back! Where is the pic with the glasses???