Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Day Is It Again????

I have a few pics to post still, and I have no clue what day I wore what, so here it all is...

Brown Dress - ATL (It has a flat pleated neckline...I swear I just got this, so not sure why it's not on the site anymore)
Cardi w/rosette - ATL (I know the pic is washed out, but you get the idea)
Leopard belt - Target
Necklace - Forever21
Metallic strappy wedges - Target (I LOVE these and this day one of the straps to get them fixed!)
*No clue why I look so mad in the picture...promise, I'm not!

Black cami - AGX
Black lace, smocked shirt - Faith21
Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Clover necklace - Forever21
Black peeps - Enzo

Black ruffle neck shirt, white trim - SimplyFashion
Red peep toe heels - Madeline, Ross

The brown dress and this linen skirt are really some of the better outfits I've worn lately. I have no clue what the deal is, I blame it on a combination of things...not feeling good about myself, work stress, and no inspiration for the lack of posting and blah outfits. I know it will pass, so I'll keep trekking along.
How do you deal with a fashion slump?

Monday, June 22, 2009

10 From Last Wednesday

I'm trying to catch up with the posts, but I'm so freaking busy at work! This is why my blog has been project at work is serious business.

When I get home, sometimes the last thing I want to do is get on the computer...anyone else feel like that?

Last Wednesday's Outfit

S/S cable cardi - Target
Grey pants - Old Navy
Grey peeps - Payless
I had to blur out all my mess on the floor....a bag with 2 pair of shoes I need to get redone.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

09 Tuesday's Outfit

Here's another version of the scarf as a belt that actually worked and stayed in place all day!

Tuesday's Outfit

White cami (not seen) - AGX
Blue ruffle shirt - Old Navy (you can't really see the ruffle, but it's there)
Brown pants - Forth and Towne
Scarf - Thrifted
Brown heels - Steve Madden
Clover Cluster Necklace - Forever21 I have to say it, love, lover F21's cheap and chic!

08 Monday's Outfit

Over the first weekend in June I hit up Ann Taylor Loft and scored a couple of great final sale items for $14.88! I love ATL's final sale can score some great deals at price points of $4.88-$19.88, of course your best bet is to try everything on so you can be sure it fits properly. Anyone else scored some great stuff at ATL's final sale rack?

Monday's Outfit

Floral, smocked shirt - ATL
Navy crops - NY and Co
Off white s/s cardi - ATL
Belt - NY and Co
Heels - Nine West

The sleeveless shirt has a pretty floral detail and a smocked it, this is going to be a great summer staple. The cardi has a little rosette detail on the left side, just a little delicate touch!

05 Casual Friday

Here's a scarf as a belt look that didn't work so well for me. I love the color and the idea, but because my shirt is linen, the scarf didn't really stay in place and I had to move it around all time maybe I'll use some fabric tape or something to keep it in place

Friday's Outfit

Cami - AGX
Navy Linen shirt - Target
Grey crops - Old Navy
Scarf - Target
Sandals - Nine West via

Proof of the scarf movement and my cute dog, Belle!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

03 Daily Outfit

I know I haven't been posting as frequently as even I'd like, but I have been taking pictures most every day.

06/03/09 Daily Outfit

Tank - Target
Cardigan - JCPenney
Brown pants - Forth and Towne
Necklace and earrings - Forever 21
Shoes - Target

I love these shoes so much and I see Ally does too. I don't care how affordable these were, I can't find another pair of metallic wedges that I love more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Faith 21

When Forever 21 announced they were going to have a plus size line, I was kind of excited. I know I can't fit into the "regular" sized of F21, so I had some hope. I typically wear misses sizes, but have also had luck in the women's or plus section on bottoms.

Here's the deal....Faith 21 is truly NOT a line for plus size ladies. It's tailored to a junior plus and stops at size 16....uh, isn't that considered misses still? It is to me, but I'm not a junior and haven't been for a long time. The quality of the clothing is not great, but I didn't and don't expect much from a store that sells me a dress for $15. It's along the lines of Dots (if you've shopped there before), but I will say that they do have some pieces that you can find in both juniors and plus size. Their selection is limited, but they update the website a couple of times a week and have more available online than in my store I go to. I would recommend trying everything on if possible because their sizing is not consistent and can and will throw you off a bit. I tried on a dress in XL and it fit me, but then another dress (similar style) only the the 2XL fit get what you pay for.

Faith 21 does have cute, trendy clothing, with some casual and laid back pieces as well. I really love their accessories....they're so affordable, and they have some great, trendy pieces. Even though their clothing is not made that well, I will most likely continue to go because I do love a great bargain and I like to try some of the "of the moment trends."

Below are some pictures of what I've purchased from the Faith 21 line...didn't realize until right now that it was so much!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Playa Trip

So if you read Hill's blog (which you should!), you know she got married in Playa last week. The trip was fun and relaxing and I can't wait to get back there. Here are some pics of what I wore while I was there. Unlike Hill, I don't think I ever actually put on a full outfit except for in the evening. My day wear consisted of a bathing suit, cover up, hat, shades, and jewelry! I was one of the only ones I saw at the resort who had accessories on! The saline pool and the ocean water did tarnish my earrings, but since I got them at Forever 21, I was fine with it, I actually expected it.

Wedding Outfit:
Blue Dress - Target
Necklace - Forever21, when I saw Ally's, I HAD to get it. The store by me didn't have it, but I ordered it online. I now know the store by me is just a bit behind of what's online.
Gold flip flops - Target

Out on the Town (Resort):
Red side tie dress - Forever 21 (part of their Faith 21 line)
Turquoise wedges - Payless
Turquoise necklace and earrings - Dots

I used double sided fashion tape to tape the dress to my bra so it wouldn't show.

Take a look at Jamie and Frank, I love Jamie's casual but flirty smocked, embroidered tank and khaki shorts with heels. Frank's resort style is so dead on! Not many men can wear white pants, but he looks great! They are a classic and fabulous couple!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the new Faith 21 line from Forever 21....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Showing Some Blog Love..

A friend of mine, and Hill's brother, Doug, just started his blog. He travels a ton for work, so he's trying to keep up his healthy lifestyle while on the road.....can you tell he and Hill are related?

Check out his blog, Traveling Healthier by Traveling Dougie! I'm sure he's going to have some great tips even if you're not traveling a lot for work.

Monday, June 1, 2009

01 And I'm Back....

Hey Blog Friends!

I'm back! I've been crazy busy at work and will continue to be, so I'm thinking I'll be posting, but probably not every day at first. I just got back from a great vacation in Playa del Carmen for Hillary's wedding, and will be sharing a couple of outfit posts from that. I have some great pics of Hill and Will, but I'll let her do the posting of the wedding pics for you. I'm really tan with a bit of a burn, but I'll be fine.

Monday's Outfit
Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Cami - Old Navy
Link print top - NY and Co
Black sweater coat - JCPenney
Black sandals - Nine West via

This sweater is a self tie belt that doesn't come off. I didn't feel like having it wrapped all day, so I tied the belt behind me.

Thanks for still following my blog and hello to any new readers! I've been reading everyone's blogs while I was "away" and will post more later!