Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What I've Been Doing on My Summer Vacation

Uh, no, I don't have a summer vacation...I work all year, but this summer I've had so much fun spending time being a NKOTB "groupie," acting like I was 10 years old again running through a water park, and generally hanging out with friends.

My first NKOTB stop on their Full Service tour was in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally, we planned on going to the Noblesville, Indiana show on 06/28/09, but a few days before our concert date, one of the girls just happened to search on tickets for the Cincy show and POW!!! we had 4th row pit seats for Cincy. How did that happen....and how were we really going to do this? I call it my Midwest mini-tour. We flew into Chicago on 06/27/09, drove to Indiana (3 hours), stopped in Noblesville, freshened up and got ready for our drive to Cincinnati (2 more hours). It was a lot of driving, most of which I did (I'm a control freak, I can't help it!), but SO worth it! I had no clue that when you go to the Cincinnati venue, you dip into Kentucky for all of 5 minutes...so basically, I visited 4 states in two days (I guess technically 5 since I started out in Texas)! Just to give you a taste, this is how close I was to the stage in Cincinnati.

Yes, that is me and my huge Kool-Aid smile with a sign like I'm 13 years old. My friends were all into the signs and I was like, "uh, no" but when we got to the concert, I tell you, the 13 year old in me took over.

My outfit details:

Brown pleated neck dress - Ann Taylor Loft, Flip flops (not seen) - Old Navy, Turquoise earrings - Forever 21, Smirk - gift from God (ha! ) I'm not at all trying to be sexy, more than anything, I'm making fun of myself, but I thought it was funny, that's all the confetti that showered us at the end of the show

We drove back to Noblesville, IN, got some sleep then did it all again the next day. I didn't get to meet up with Kimberly, but did make a pit stop at H&M, had to take advantage of where I was! Our seats were not great for the Indy concert, but we did get to go to the meet & greet. I love Joe McIntyre!

Outfit Details: Red side tie dress - Forever 21 (Faith 21), Nude heels - Michael Antonio via Shoedazzle.com (they were my August choice too in black!), Jewelry - Forever 21

More NKOTB craziness later, and no, this isn't turning into a NKOTB blog, but I wanted to share my mini tour shenanigans and post some outfits as well. I am starting to get back into taking pictures every day and will post more when I have time. If you're at all interested in seeing my actual concert pictures, please email me and I'll send you my Facebook link.

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Trace said...

WOW this is awesome! What a fun summer with your girls! You look great too, beautiful and glowing! So when's the next concert?? =)