Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Thursday's Outfit 08/20/09

I love this cardigan, shirt, and shoes! The shirt is a purchase back from June when I was in Indiana. Gotta love H&M! I wonder why they don't open up a store in Texas, I mean, come on!
Last Thursday's Outfit Details:
Cami - Old Navy (not seen, except a peep on the bottom)
Off White slouchy shirt - H&M
Pearl link cardigan - CAbi
Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Black Cheri Shoes -
Necklace - Ann Taylor Loft


Milly said...

Cute cardigan & Necklace...Love the shoes!

Ally said...

I wish we had an H&M in Louisville!

Trace said...

I love the shirt too, and the shoes! I really wish they would open up an H&M in Colorado too! COME ON is right!!

Bianca said...

This is pretty! Love the outfit.

The Big Girl Blog! said...

Loving the neckalce, shoes and the Pedi is on point!


tiltedhalo said...

This outfit I love! You know you can were heck out of some heels. Love it.

tiltedhalo said...

*were - wear

You knew what I meant, right. LOL Didn't proofread and I know better!