Sunday, June 21, 2009

05 Casual Friday

Here's a scarf as a belt look that didn't work so well for me. I love the color and the idea, but because my shirt is linen, the scarf didn't really stay in place and I had to move it around all time maybe I'll use some fabric tape or something to keep it in place

Friday's Outfit

Cami - AGX
Navy Linen shirt - Target
Grey crops - Old Navy
Scarf - Target
Sandals - Nine West via

Proof of the scarf movement and my cute dog, Belle!

1 comment:

MissAmy said...

I love this outfit - it's so flattering on you! It's my favorite from the last several posts. I think the pant length is very fashion forward - cropped or ankle length seem to be very in right now. Too bad about the scarf issue though, but like you said, maybe some tape would do it. XOXO, MissAmy