Monday, June 1, 2009

01 And I'm Back....

Hey Blog Friends!

I'm back! I've been crazy busy at work and will continue to be, so I'm thinking I'll be posting, but probably not every day at first. I just got back from a great vacation in Playa del Carmen for Hillary's wedding, and will be sharing a couple of outfit posts from that. I have some great pics of Hill and Will, but I'll let her do the posting of the wedding pics for you. I'm really tan with a bit of a burn, but I'll be fine.

Monday's Outfit
Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Cami - Old Navy
Link print top - NY and Co
Black sweater coat - JCPenney
Black sandals - Nine West via

This sweater is a self tie belt that doesn't come off. I didn't feel like having it wrapped all day, so I tied the belt behind me.

Thanks for still following my blog and hello to any new readers! I've been reading everyone's blogs while I was "away" and will post more later!


MissAmy said...

Glad to see you back after the hiatus! Great colors in this outfit. Can't wait to see wedding outfits :) XOXO, MissAmy

Katie said...

Welcome back girl! While you've been gone, I've started a new blog! Check it out!

It's about being working woman - juggling life, work, faith, family, and still trying to find time for yourself!

I'm glad you back on blogger!


Milly said...

glad you are back, Great Tan!!!

Kimberly said...

Super jealous of your tan! Welcome back and hope to see more of you soon!

Bianca said...

Glad to see you back - I really missed your posts as we dress somewhat similarly!

Zuzuli said...

Welcome back! I totally get being swamped...great tan too!

Hillary said...

Oh V, I'll make sure to pack some sunblock for you the next time. It was a fab trip and I'm so glad you were there! I posted some of my resort looks. Can't wait to see yours :-)

I like that link top too!