Friday, May 8, 2009

Gone For A Bit

Hey blog friends!

I'm going to take a little break from the blog. I feel bad that I haven't posted in a bit, but work schedule and projects have been so crazy. And in the personal life department, I've literally had weekends booked March - June of friend's weddings, showers, birthdays, etc. I'm so lucky to have wonderful family and friends, it's just been so busy! I haven't even been taking pics of my daily outfits because I don't feel like I even have time in the mornings then when I've finally been getting out of work, I just want to go home. I think after the first part of June my schedule will get back to a more normal routine for me, so I'll start posting sometime then.

I'm still reading everyone's blogs (I have like 500+ unread posts in my reader right now!), and 100% appreciate my blog readers and commenters!! Thanks for "checking in on me" and you can add me to your reader so you'll be the 1st to know when I start posting again soon.

Have fun!


Milly said...

we'll miss you..come back soon

MissAmy said...

I totally understand where you're coming from! Having fun with your realtime friends & family takes lots of time LOL. Maybe you can report back on all your event outfits? :)

tiltedhalo said...

Yep, we'll surely miss you, but totally understand. Life happens. LOL

I have you in my Faves and I'll be checking in every now and again. Enjoy all of your upcoming events.

Sheila said...

It's okay to take a breather, V. Try to relax and be zen...and come back when you're ready.

But we'll miss you!

Trace said...

Gosh I hear ya here, I am the exact same way! Taking a break is quite nice, good way to gear up for summer. I love your blog and read all your posts, whether I have time to comment or not. Will look forward to your return V!

Zuzuli said...

I totally hear ya, Miss V!
Just got back myself...don't work too hard!