Wednesday, April 29, 2009

29 Wednesday's Outift

Since I did not go to work yesterday, I have a busy few days ahead of me. The water went down on my street later in the afternoon and all was fine. I actually finally went to get my passport, had lunch with a friend, and ran a couple of errands, so the day wasn't a total waste!

Wednesday's Outfit
Patterned top - JCPenney
Grey pinstripe pants - Old Navy
Black studded belt - Target
Grey peep wedges - Payless

Before starting this blog, there is no way I would have ever worn patterned pants with a patterned way. But, I finally have realized if they are in the same color's fine. I know I'm not a big risk taker fashion wise, but baby steps, people! Also, I have a black belt and grey shoes...a big no-no in my book, but the grey belts I have are too wide or too thin for this outfit, so I said, "what the hell" and did it.

Have a great day!


Kyla said...

I think you look great! Love the pattern on that shirt.

MissAmy said...

You look fab! And I love that belt!

Modest Mom said...

Love the shirt and the colors of it.

I was always taught belt and shoes matched as well as bag. It has been hard for me to learn to break that, too.

tiltedhalo said...

That is a really nice outfit. I've mixed subtle patterns before and it worked perfectly and this outfit looks great. I think the whole outfit just flows. I must not have any fashion sense because I didn't know your belt and shoes were supposed to match. LOL

fashion1psychology said...

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Rachael said...

Baby steps, love it. I'm too gutless to clash patterns, this is a subtle (non visually assaulting) way to do it.

Lmac said...

Very rockin outfit! The belt is so cool and goes well with the top!