Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 No Work Today!

No outfit post for today or even yesterday...I forgot to take my pic yesterday. But, I'm not at work today due to flooding in our area. Here is what my street looked like at 7am. Nice, huh? They closed our office because the water is so high in the area, I'm getting caught up on reading blogs, etc.

That's the BF's truck on the right, at one point the water was up on the front tires!

Just wanted to also touch on all the wonderful comments and followers/readers this little blog has been getting...thanks so much! If you have a direct question, and leave it in the comments, I will answer it there or I will email you (if your email is available on your profile), or if you'd like to email me directly, please do so! Have a great day!


Kimberly said...

Goodness that is a lot of rain! Stay safe and dry!

Modest Mom said...

Wow...nice to miss work, but bad reason.

Your outfits look great. You always look pulled together with just a touch of sass.

Cristina said...

Wow!! That is alot of water. Stay dry and safe out there.

Ally said...

Holy crap! Do I need to send you a raft??

Stay safe!