Wednesday, April 8, 2009

08 Hopeful on this Wednesday

I took pictures of me wearing this skirt, but I ended up changing into black pants. The skirt is a bit high waisted on me, which is fine, but I thought it might be too short in the back for work. The BF of course said it was fine, but I'm not sure.....

Wednesday's Outfit
White tee - Target
Black skirt - Old Navy ($4.50!)
Blue cardi - Target
Scarf - Target
Black slingbacks - Nine West

I even tried the shortest heels to make the skirt look appropriate, but I'm not sure still...maybe with a different top.

I'm hopeful today because NKOTB tickets go on sale today and it's going to be a battle to get the 5* VIP ones that my friends and I want. Dallas sold out in like 7 minutes (VIP) or something like that, so I'm hopeful we can get the ones we want for Houston. Wish me luck!


Tina said...

Standing the length looks work appropriate unless you have a super conservative workplace. My concern would be that it might get too short when you sit down. I have a skirt that looks very similar to this one, and that's the problem I always have with it.

Love the scarf.

Zuzuli said...

great legs mamasita!
and totally envious of your VIP tickets!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

You have great legs, you should show it off more often.

Ally said...

I'm with the others - totally jealous of your gams!!

I'm really self-conscious about stuff being too short for work - esp after that Old Navy dress - eek! I don't think this looks too short on you though.

Nefertiti,deesse NiLuNoah adoratrice d Aton said...

superbe tenue et quelle jambes !


Lmac said...

Cute outfit! The scarf is a nice touch!

Lmac said...

Cute scarf! And your outfit reminds me that I need more slingbacks!

tiltedhalo said...

I totally love this outfit. I don't think the skirt is too short at looks totally appropriate for work, besides you have your own office so no one can see anything when you're sitting anyway. I don't wear scarves, in fact don't even own one, but you look so nice in polished in yours and I really like that one.

Supermodelquin said...

Hi V,

Just making our weekly visit to give you the most up-to-date Old Navy Weekly news…

This week you must get your snooping skills ready because is going to keep you on your finely-pedicured toes hunting for the $75 coupons again this week!

Happy hunting!

Nicole D.

Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy