Wednesday, April 8, 2009

06 Monday's Outfit

I got this dress on for something like $'s going to be so versatile. I think I might want to take the sleeves off like Danielle of Fell 4 Fashion because this would make it easier to wear shirts underneath and just be more of a sheath type dress.

I got so many compliments on this and I guess since I do not wear skirts and/or dresses very often, everyone told me how dressed up I was!

Monday's Outfit
Black ponte dress - Target
Animal print cardi - NY and Co
Necklace - Old Navy
Tights - Target
Shoes - Payless
Belt - NY and Co


Zuzuli said...

hot outfit!

Milly said...

love this outfit!!

Ally said...

I have this in gray and really love it too. I need to hem mine - I think it'd be cute on you with no sleeves!

Lmac said...

Awesome cardigan! Really makes your outfit stand out!

Elisabeth said...

Really a very beautiful outfit.!! I too have a similar designed cardigan.

tiltedhalo said...

That dress is totally fab! Love it as well as the cardigan and accessories! I can totally see why you got so many compliments. Teach me to dress and shop like you, please? LOL

I cannot believe how many great posts I missed. I must keep up.