Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Been Too Long....

I know I said I would resume regularly scheduled posts, but I have good reasons on why I haven't quite yet...
#1 I started a new project at work and I've moved my office, been training, and been trying to learn new gets in the way of blogging, people!
#2 The "great" ppl at AT&T disconnected my DSL a couple of weeks ago, I got it back and then they disconnected it again because I was going to get U-verse...uh, that didn't work out on their end and I have FINALLY gotten my internet back at home yesterday!!!
#3 I'm's a fact
So, here's a pic of me and some of my new NKOTB friends at our meet & greet from Saturday, March 7th. I've only taken 1 outfit picture since then, but will take a picture of what I'm wearing today and post it sometime this weekend (I hope).
I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Outfit Details:
White cami (looks like my bra, but it's a cami) - AGX
Purple/blue scoop neck shirt - Express ( I seriously have not shopped at Express since I was in college...a long time ago!)
Dark rinse jeans - Target (usual ones)
Black pleated shield cut out heel -
Black and silver belt - Kmart (they don't have Kmart in Houston anymore, and I got this in South TX for all of $3!!!)

Don't Danny Wood and I look like we could be together? Ha!


Zuzuli said...

I'll be seeing them at the end of the month!

tiltedhalo said...

I'm glad your internet is working. Really cute outfit - I really like your shirt and your hair is so pretty! Is Danny Wood one of the NKOTB? I'm so clueless. LOL

Trace said...

Wow you and Danny Wood!! You look fabulous V!

Kayleigh said...

I'm clueless too, but I totally LOVE that blue on you and am glad you're back :D

Ally said...

I was so in love with them :) Love this pic!

I'm super lazy too. I understand.

Ms. LMC said...

I love your outfit V! I need to check for those jeans

Leah said...

I'm so jealous of all of your pictures with NKOTB! I just got back from a concert last week and it was so fabulous!