Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31 Last Day Of the Month

I'm going to be soooo busy this week with my new project at work, month end close, family, and a party at the end of the week!

The Britney concert was really good. I was a bit disappointed that there was no screen so we could see her up close and personal, I would be really mad if I had the nose bleed seats, but we didn't. They had a screen, but it was part of her show and would play different clips of footage, and not show her performing as it was happening. Her costumes were great and the dancers were amazing (of course!). I have to say though....it was no NKOTB! *You're right Zuzuli! But, I know that's my totally boy crazy self thinking. I saw her before on her Onyx Hotel tour and I personally thought that was better, but this was still a great show.

On to the outfit:
Tuesday's Outfit
Blue lace cami - Old Navy
Blue v-neck - Old Navy
Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Black peep wedges - Payless
Silver necklace - NY and Co

This shirt does not have ruching on it, but it kind of ruches on it's own because of the material...I look a little bumpy and lumpy in the picture, but it's really fine IRL.

Have a great day!


Modest Mom said...

I love this color on you.

Ally said...

Is that the same v-neck like I have? I can't tell. If it is, mine get all weird sometimes too. I think it's b/c they're so thin. Regardless, you look great.

I'm so jealous about Brit Brit - did you get any pics??

Kayleigh said...

Gorgeous color on you -- and combined with the trousers it looks amazing!

tiltedhalo said...

I love that color it is very pretty. Totally loving the shoes.