Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25 Eh...

Woke up late today...yikes! I read other blogs where you ladies say that putting on a dress is so easy for you and something you do when you're running late....not for me. Putting on a dress or skirt is so much effort! Did I shave my legs? Spanx or tights? Will my skirt ride up at all during the day? Too much for me, something like today's outfit is what I wear when I'm late...and the pic proves it...blurry! Since I have big hips and butt, sometimes the hem of my dress or skirt looks shorter in the back....I never wear short skirts to work, but I'm always afraid I'm going to be walking and the back is just going to ride all the way up to my butt!

Wednesday's Outfit
Purple ruffle shirt - Kohl's
Plaid pants - Target
Peep wedges - Payless

I hope tomorrow's outfit will be better planned!


tiltedhalo said...

We have the exact same shape except for the waist and stomach area. I'm a little thicker in that area. I definitely can't wear short skirts either and my dresses are jacked up in the back too...but I still wear them. LOL I love dresses.

Your outfit looks good to me, actually that's an everyday kind of look for me.

Bianca said...

I totally agree about the dress being harder!! Someone at my workplace said recently they just toss on a dress and head out when they are running late - for me its a pair of dark slacks and a button down shirt. :-)

Ally said...

I agree on the skirt/dress thing. Long dresses are easy but most of the time, from behind, it looks like my butt is eating my dress. So embarrassing.

It's easier for me to wear pants and a cardi (our uniform!).

Lynette said...

I'm with you on pants being much easier. The legs being shaved thing happened to me too!

Kayleigh said...

Dresses are easy for me in winter, but not in warm weather with bare legs -- and the tights in winter give me some "control" but come summer it's Spanx all the way...but which ones with what dress?

Yup, I have to plan a bit to wear a dress come spring/summer, I'm with ya :)

But you looked cute, even tho you were running late!

Trace said...

LOL I know what you mean about the skirts. Skirts are not easy for me for work. Only longer dresses.

Have fun at the show tonight!!