Tuesday, March 3, 2009

03 Tuesday Outfit

I'm glad it's colder than usual here in TX, so I can wear my new cape/coat! I had been watching this one online for quite a while. I tried one on exactly like this at Macy's, and it was very cute, but I didn't want to pay $120 when I had plenty of jackets/coats already. But, when I saw there was this one at Target.com, I really wanted one. I watched and waited and watched and waited and figured the clearance price of $11.24 was great! So, what do I do since it was such a great price? Order both the black and grey one! I might take the black one back since the grey is so dark. I know it's only $11.24, but I really don't need two (wow...I think this is a big moment for me!). I really should have worn long sleeves today, but oh well.

Check out my new pin from KT! I love it and this pin is no joke! Thanks, KT!

Tuesday's Outfit
Black turtleneck (ruched at sleeves and neck) - DressBarn
Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Black peep toe heels - Enzo, Macy's
Black belt - NY and Co
Pearl/gold pin - St. John from the fab KT
Grey cape - Target

Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a great Tuesday!


ohthatgirl said...

Great jacket! And that brooch is so amazing.

MissAmyShops said...

ack! i am so jealous - a dark grey capelet. AND it flatters! i've never seen a cape do such a thing - i am aghast LOL.

tiltedhalo said...

I finally have my new computer! Yay! Now back to my regularly scheduled commenting.

OMG, I'm so loving the cape! And at $11.24, yeah I would've bought two, too! I'm the same one that has 3 pair of black Lafayette pants from LB. LOL You know I'm not big on pins or brooches (for myself) but I'm loving that pin on you! It really complements the outfit. I cannot wear a skinny heel, but that peep toe pump is nice looking. As always, loving the belt. :)

gigiofca said...

Love capes. It looks great on you. The brooch is beautiful, too.

Athena said...

I love how defined the belt makes the outfit. I really need to try the belt thing. :)

KT said...

Looks so cute! Glad you liked it. I made the mistake of taking my dughter to apply for a job last night at the store where I keep finding the St. John pieces consigned. And lo and behold they have a new piece. But I gave up shopping for Lent. What's a girl to do?

Zuzuli said...

Great outfits both with and without the poncho!

Trace said...

Very chic look V! You look gorgeous in black. Loving the cape too - especially for that price. Amazing find!!

Oh and the shoes are hot!

Kayleigh said...

Love all of it -- that coat is so chic, and the turtleneck and trousers look fab on you...plus that pin is gorgeous.

You look super in all of it!