Friday, February 27, 2009

27 Pattern Mixing

This is my first ever attempt at pattern mixing. I really don't have the eye for it, and I was nervous I was going to look like a crazy person. Let me know what you think...crazy person or good first attempt? I think I need to read up on this subject and even though I watch "What Not To Wear" I still have no clue. If you haven't noticed, I'm a solids girl with an occasional pattern.

I also had to hurry this morning because I was snoozing the alarm for a while. My friend Jamie, had all of us over to her house last night to help finish off some wine that she had left over from her birthday party. It was lots of fun and I love catching up with everyone! Unfortunately, I stayed out a bit too late for a school night and was paying for it this morning. Now that I'm at work though, I feel much better!

Friday's Outfit
Navy/white striped v-neck tee - NY and Co
Orange/navy/white cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft
Dark rinse jeans - Target (these are the same as the other 3 pair I have, but they're longer to wear with heels!)
Brown buckle heels - Nine West via Marshall's
Silver necklace - NY and Co

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Kyla said...

Extremely well played. You nailed it, girl! LOVE the cardigan!

Milly said...

Its looks great V...but i understand you...i'm a solid kinda gal and i feel i dont have the eye for it either...but i'm trying little by little..nice cardi!

Athena said...

I really like the cardigan! I wish I had the pattern mixing gene too!

MissAmyShops said...

i think it works! the cardi is very tory burch.

Bianca said...

Oh my cardigan! I carried that cardigan all over the Loft one day, and reluctantly decided to put it back. I had a gift card, and wanted to use it for a "big purchase", and the cardigan was the only thing I liked. After wandering the mall for 45 mins, I regretting putting it back, and went back - but the one in my size was GONE. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

anyways, back to you. I like the pattern mixing - i think its cute!

gigiofca said...

Good job. I really like the cardi.

Ally said...

Oh you did a really good job - I love this!!!

Trace said...

Definitely a success, you did this well!

Love those Target jeans!

tiltedhalo said...

Loving that cardigan and I love the outfit - well put together.