Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Wednesday's Outfit

Wrap or faux wrap shirts and dresses are a girls best friend. They are for me, but not so much in pictures. I think the ruching on the side of any faux wrap shirt I wear does nothing for me in pictures and makes me look kind of sloppy (I said this last week too), but in person, this shirt accentuates my smaller waist. I'm wearing the scarf to the side for a little flair and to change it up.
I really like these shoes I got from Payless and I would say the only downfall of buying cheap shoes is they squeak when you walk! I don't know if this is because they're new and I need to break them in a bit, but I've had other cheap shoes and they do the same thing.

Wednesday's Outfit
Black cami - AGX
Plum faux wrap shirt - Target (clearance for $7!)
Grey/Black plaid pants - Target (clearance for $11!)
Black peep wedges - Payless (different color from yesterday)
Checkered scarf/sash - from Athena, NY and Co


ohthatgirl said...

I lurve the scarf!!!! And the way you rocked it. I don't think the shirt is unflattering at all.

I definitely feel you about the cheap shoes. I had to actually get rid of two of my favorite pairs because of the squeak factor. It was driving me looney tunes.

Zuzuli said...

Love, Love, Love, Love the shoes! You are making me run out to Payless! Great use of a scarf again too!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

You should really go back & explain to the sales staff the issue (squeaky shoe) and get a new pair of shoes.

I do this all the time, regardless if its payless or Nordstroms. Shoes shouldn't squeak. A very long time ago I bought a pair of shoes at Macy's and the left one squeaked so loud I was so embarrassed I told the sales women and she told me when they make shoes sometimes there is an air bubble in the sole that causes air to come in and out-so basically its a quality issue. Just my 2 cents.

Hillary said...

I've had the squeak squeak issue too.

Milly said...

such a pretty scarf!

Trace said...

Completely agree with you on the wrap/faux wrap! That top really looks great on you. Love the scarf too!

MissAmyShops said...

i really dig the neck scarf & the wrap really does flatter, doesn't it?

tiltedhalo said...

I really like the wrap top and it's such a pretty color. Those shoes are pretty. I can never find anything at Payless anymore, but you scored with those.