Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24 Tuesday's Outfit

This morning when I got up at 4:30am, I realized my power was out! I set my cell as my alarm, so I went to the gym (yea, me...now let's see how many more days I can do this!) and thankfully when I got home, the power was back on. Doing everything by candlelight is no fun and after all the "fun" I had during Hurricane Ike, I'll pass!

The last time I wore this sweater was back in September...I always repeat my bottoms because they are limited, but as far as tops...I have a whole closet full of them! I had trouble last time trying to think of what else to wear with this, and I chose another white shirt, but the white shirt has a lot of small details to it, some that you can't pick up in pictures. I've tried my best, so let me know what you think!

I also splurged a bit in retail therapy this weekend...everything was on sale and low cost, so I feel okay about it. Right now at Payless, they're having their BOGO sale and I bought these shoes and you know me and my multiples, I had to have the same pair in black! Two pair of shoes for $30...that's a win in my book!

Tuesday's Outfit
White button down - NY and Co
Turquoise sweater vest - NY and Co
Navy pin stripe pants - Old Navy
Silver necklace - NY and Co
Turquoise peep wedges - Payless


V said...
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Milly said...

those wedges are cute..nice color

Athena said...

I love the ruffle on the collar!

Ally said...

I shop in multiples too - I always tell myself, though, that if Stacy and Clinton were to show up, I'd be so screwed.

Rachael said...

Ooh much love for the turquoise! Also, you got up at 4:30am to go to the gym? You're a super-hero.

Hillary said...

This outfit is so cute. I love the color and the ruffle shirt. Wow, I didn't know you lost power. Was it Ike all over again?

eednic said...

yay for Payless! i feel like i can never go wrong there. inevitably, i end up purchasing about 3 pairs of shoes every time i go in there, and for less than $50!

Trace said...

As always, love your shoes, such a fun color. I might have to stop by Payless now... =)

I am such a multiples buyer too!!

tiltedhalo said...

I really like that top and vest (love the color). That is a great win - 2 prs. of shoes for $30?! Good deal and they look great!