Friday, February 20, 2009

20 A Scarf A Day Week - Friday's Friday! I'm actually very glad too that my little Scarf a Day Week is over. Seriously, the scarves are lovely, but every day is a bit much for me. I'm glad I did it though to make me really think about pairing each scarf up with the clothing.

Today's outfit is something I've worn in the same way before, but since it was cool this morning and this is my only boyfriend cardigan, I decided, why not.
Friday's Outfit
Navy blue cami - Old Navy

White lace cami - Old Navy

Dark rinse jeans - Target

Purple boyfriend cardi - Target

Silver glitter flats - Old Navy

Scarf - Marshall's (I LOVE this many colors!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


Kimberly said...

This scarf is gorgeous! Have a great weekend, V!

Milly said...

Love the scarf

Sheila said...

Love the sparkly shoes! That's a really cute scarf.

Trace said...

Loved your scarf a day week V. And those flats are just too adorable, so perfect with the dark jeans!

Deborah-lee said...

The shoe is cute as. I also really like that cami over the blue cami. I've not thought of doing that before.. you've inspired me!