Friday, February 13, 2009

12 Borrowing a Look

I loved both versions of this look from Missi of Domestic Sophisticate and OTG of What That Girl Wears, that I had to "borrow" the look as well.

In my case, I just purchased the mustard color v-neck tee from Old Navy's super clearance for $2.99, I had the other pieces already. I will say that I think the picture actually looks better than I felt it did in person. The mustard with purple worked and looked great on both Missi and OTG, but as for me, I think in pics it looked okay, but in person I wasn't feeling the outfit. That translated to me slouching and not being that confident on this day. Isn't it crazy how clothes can make you feel like a million bucks or want to slink away for the day?

Thursday's Outfit
Mustard v-neck tee - Old Navy
Purple cardi - JC Penney
Khaki pants - Target
Leopard belt - Target
Brown peep toe heels - Shoe Cents

On a side note, I realized on my post from Wednesday I mentioned that I'm afraid of print, but I look at the looks on Mon and Tues and there's print! I guess I'm nervous about a big, bold print and am glad that I'm trying to work it more in the wardrobe. Also, the shirt from ON in that big, bold print wasn't $6.99, it was $3.50!!! How can you not buy clothes when the price is that low?


Kimberly said...

Love this look! I still have my version hanging on my "to wear" rack. Perhaps next Friday I will bust it out!

tiltedhalo said...

I really like this look! I think you're being a bit critical because maybe it's a new look on you. I like it though - I would never think to pair some of the colors you put together, but I'm telling you, it looks great. I'm taking all of this in for when I go shopping - I want to think outside of the box for a change.