Tuesday, February 3, 2009

03 Challenge - My First Ever!

Cat over at Thrifty Muse issued a blogger challenge for a Michelle Obama inspired outfit. I figured since I really do admire the First Lady's style, I should join in! After all, I have declared my "uniform" to be pants, shirt/cami, a cardigan, and a belt. But, when I saw this picture of the First Lady, I really thought I could incorporate my summer dress into something I would/could wear year round. This was my first challenge, so thanks Cat for putting this together!
My Inspiration Outfit

My Outfit
Pink empire waist dress - NY and Co
Black cami - AGX
Black cardigan - Mervyn's
Black studded belt - Target
Black tights - Target
Black pumps - Enzo, Macy's
Black bead necklace - NY and Co


Cat said...

Those colors are GREAT on your. I adore that funky, asymmetrical necklace.

ohthatgirl said...

You nailed it! ♥ How did I not know about this challenge?

Goober said...

So cute!

Kimberly said...

Oh sweetie, you look marvelous! You totally nailed the look and the dress is fantastic!

V said...

Thanks ladies, and Cat, what a great challenge!
OTG-not sure....what happened? Next time I will send you a note to make sure you're in!

tiltedhalo said...

You look nice girl. I'm sure if Michelle could see you, she'd say you did her proud. :)

Btw, I hadn't been around because I had computer problems, but all is right with the world again. LOL

Ally said...

Oh, V. You look awesome. I'm pretty sure you should make this your second-string uniform :)

Cat said...

Be sure to vote for your favorite ensembles in the Michelle Obama Challenge. (You can choose more than one.)


Erica said...

This outfit is amazing! voted for you in the challenge--you hit the look on the head! Or nailed it on the head. Or whatever that saying is. Anyway, looks good! :)

gigiofca said...

You look great! That outfit is a keeper.

MUG said...

Wow! You totally nailed it! I might even go so far as to say your look is better!

Trace said...

This is awesome V! You look so good here, just like The First Lady, totally polished and stylish. I love the color of the dress, and the belt pulls everything together.