Friday, February 27, 2009

27 Pattern Mixing

This is my first ever attempt at pattern mixing. I really don't have the eye for it, and I was nervous I was going to look like a crazy person. Let me know what you think...crazy person or good first attempt? I think I need to read up on this subject and even though I watch "What Not To Wear" I still have no clue. If you haven't noticed, I'm a solids girl with an occasional pattern.

I also had to hurry this morning because I was snoozing the alarm for a while. My friend Jamie, had all of us over to her house last night to help finish off some wine that she had left over from her birthday party. It was lots of fun and I love catching up with everyone! Unfortunately, I stayed out a bit too late for a school night and was paying for it this morning. Now that I'm at work though, I feel much better!

Friday's Outfit
Navy/white striped v-neck tee - NY and Co
Orange/navy/white cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft
Dark rinse jeans - Target (these are the same as the other 3 pair I have, but they're longer to wear with heels!)
Brown buckle heels - Nine West via Marshall's
Silver necklace - NY and Co

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

26 Thursday Outfit

I'm glad that the weekend is approaching, and this one will be busy for me! I'm going to a friend's CAbi party to see their new Spring line, let's see how much damage I do.

This is another "spring-y" outfit with the colors, I ended up taking the necklace off because when I got to work, I just felt like it was too much. The white ruffle collar shirt underneath is s/s and a button up. This would be a purchase I really should have contemplated initial reaction was "hey, it's on clearance for $3, I can always use a white shirt with ruffles!" I typically wear a L in tops unless it's a button up, then I need an XL to make sure the buttons actually keep the girls inside. I didn't try this top on and the buttons pucker open in the chest area. But, since it was new and a clearance purchase from a while ago, my only resort is to hide it under a cardigan. The top actually has seaming details, but that's under the cardigan...oh well, better luck next time!

Thursday's Outfit
White s/s ruffle collar shirt - Target
Pink cardi - Old Navy
Brown "tweedish" pants - Forth and Towne
Scarf as a belt - from Athena
Brown peep pumps - Shoe Cents

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Wednesday's Outfit

Wrap or faux wrap shirts and dresses are a girls best friend. They are for me, but not so much in pictures. I think the ruching on the side of any faux wrap shirt I wear does nothing for me in pictures and makes me look kind of sloppy (I said this last week too), but in person, this shirt accentuates my smaller waist. I'm wearing the scarf to the side for a little flair and to change it up.
I really like these shoes I got from Payless and I would say the only downfall of buying cheap shoes is they squeak when you walk! I don't know if this is because they're new and I need to break them in a bit, but I've had other cheap shoes and they do the same thing.

Wednesday's Outfit
Black cami - AGX
Plum faux wrap shirt - Target (clearance for $7!)
Grey/Black plaid pants - Target (clearance for $11!)
Black peep wedges - Payless (different color from yesterday)
Checkered scarf/sash - from Athena, NY and Co

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24 Tuesday's Outfit

This morning when I got up at 4:30am, I realized my power was out! I set my cell as my alarm, so I went to the gym (yea, let's see how many more days I can do this!) and thankfully when I got home, the power was back on. Doing everything by candlelight is no fun and after all the "fun" I had during Hurricane Ike, I'll pass!

The last time I wore this sweater was back in September...I always repeat my bottoms because they are limited, but as far as tops...I have a whole closet full of them! I had trouble last time trying to think of what else to wear with this, and I chose another white shirt, but the white shirt has a lot of small details to it, some that you can't pick up in pictures. I've tried my best, so let me know what you think!

I also splurged a bit in retail therapy this weekend...everything was on sale and low cost, so I feel okay about it. Right now at Payless, they're having their BOGO sale and I bought these shoes and you know me and my multiples, I had to have the same pair in black! Two pair of shoes for $30...that's a win in my book!

Tuesday's Outfit
White button down - NY and Co
Turquoise sweater vest - NY and Co
Navy pin stripe pants - Old Navy
Silver necklace - NY and Co
Turquoise peep wedges - Payless

Monday, February 23, 2009

23 Monday Outfit

Apparently, lots of things to say today (5 to be exact!)
#1 I'm trying to channel Spring here and mix it up by pairing some colors and patterns I wouldn't normally try. BTW, this pic was taken after a long day at work, so my yellow shirt looks rumpled....and my head makes a surprise appearance today!

#2 Did everyone watch the Oscars? I did and everyone is hating on Miley's dress, but I really liked it along with Marisa Tomei's dress. That's my 2 cents for the Oscars.

#3 Has anyone been shopping at their local Target? If so, have you noticed that since Isaac Mizrahi's exit and new location at Liz Claiborne that Target has tried ramping up their "new" Merona Collection line? It's different from the regular Merona brand, with the added word of Collection on the tags. I know IM couldn't have taken his whole team to LC, and these Merona Collection pieces have a major IM feel (in my opinion).

Monday's Outfit
Yellow/white shirt - Old Navy
Aqua cardi - Target
Brown pants - Forth and Towne
Brown belt - NY and Co
Brown faux suede heels - Target
Necklace - NY and Co

#4 Taking a hint from OTG's What That Girl Wears, if you have a blog that I'm not reading...tell me about it! Leave a comment or shoot me an email and I'll add you to my reader!
#5 For my NKOTB fans (came out today (12 days and counting to my next NKOTB concert!))

Friday, February 20, 2009

20 A Scarf A Day Week - Friday's Friday! I'm actually very glad too that my little Scarf a Day Week is over. Seriously, the scarves are lovely, but every day is a bit much for me. I'm glad I did it though to make me really think about pairing each scarf up with the clothing.

Today's outfit is something I've worn in the same way before, but since it was cool this morning and this is my only boyfriend cardigan, I decided, why not.
Friday's Outfit
Navy blue cami - Old Navy

White lace cami - Old Navy

Dark rinse jeans - Target

Purple boyfriend cardi - Target

Silver glitter flats - Old Navy

Scarf - Marshall's (I LOVE this many colors!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

19 A Scarf A Day Week - Thursday

My picture today is dark, but it was the best one out of the bunch. I guess when I wear knits, in pictures it comes out sloppy, but in person it's fine. I wish I had purchased some additional lace camis from Old Navy...they're so comfortable and cute!

Thursday's Outfit
Blue lace cami - Old Navy
Blue gathered v-neck - Old Navy
Navy pin stripe pants - Old Navy
Grey peep wedges - Payless
Orange and white scarf - from Athena's giveaway

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 A Scarf A Day Week -Wednesday

Okay, I'm totally running out of ways to tie these scarves! I've watched the videos, read the instructions, but maybe it's just me, I always feel like I'm choking! I'm going to stick it out though and I have my next two outfits kind of planned, so I should be fine.

Have you ever set your alarm, not heard it or maybe turned it off, but not get up? When you finally get up, you're like, "OMG!!!!" That was me this morning. Apparently, I turned my alarm off and snuggled back into bed....when I finally got up it was 7:15 am and I needed to be showered, dressed, and to work by at least 8:30! It wasn't enough time for me, but somehow I managed and I even took the dogs out! Maybe I need 2 alarms...I used to do that.

Wednesday's Outfit
Thin wrap top - CAbi
White cami - AGX
Pin stripe pants - Old Navy (detail pic)
Scarf- Athena's giveaway (detail pic)
Grey peep wedges - Payless
Silver chain bracelet - Kenneth Cole, Macy's
Little Napoleon in the smaller pic sniffing around

I think this wrap shirt is so cute and versatile, but for me it doesn't photograph well. Maybe it's because I kind of lean when taking my daily pics, but in all of my pictures it wasn't sitting flat and instead looked bunched up and wrinkled. I've made sure that in person, it's flat, so wishing it would photograph that way!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17 A Scarf A Day Week - Tuesday

This is my favorite scarf from the lot that Athena sent me. Of course because it's animal print! After this picture I changed up the scarf and just "threw" it around my neck in a kind of messy, I-meant-to-do-this way. The way I had it in the picture (I call it cowboy style) wasn't the cutest I figured out after seeing the picture, but I still decided to post.

Tuesday's Outfit
Brown pants - Forth and Towne
Camel color v-neck shirt - Banana Republic
Scarf - giveaway from Athena
Red belt - NY and Co
Red pumps - Shoe Cents

I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

16 A Scarf A Day Week

Since Athena from Fledgling Fashionista had her scarf giveaway, I've only worn three of them (I think). She was so generous with the amount of scarves she sent and I've never been a scarf girl before, I figured I needed to challenge myself to get some wear out of these lovely scarves! So, this week, I'll be featuring some of the scarves Athena sent me, and I'll try to wear them in a unique way every day. Notice I said, "try," I'm not very creative when it comes to scarves and I've used both Sal's (Already Pretty) and Ally's (Cute on the Cheap) info on different ways to tie a scarf. We'll see how I do! You want to join me?

Monday's Outfit
Pin stripe shirt - NY and Co
Grey vest - NY and Co
Grey pants - Forth and Towne
Silver shoes - Shoe Cents
Necklace - ?? Shop in Laredo
Scarf - from Athena's giveaway

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend! I personally think it's kind of commercial, but I did enjoy spending the day with the BF and he even humored me by going to a "chick flick" since it was Valentine's day weekend.

BTW, I'm still on my quest for wearing all my new clothing pieces. I'm not as good as I wish I had been because just this weekend, I headed to Target and saw that some of their faux wrap shirts were now on clearance. I bought 2 for $7 each. I know, I know....I'm bad. But, seriously, I have not been going to the mall (hello...NY and Co...still have some GC left!), Old Navy or, and haven't been making weekly trips to Target. My clearance purchase at Target was for a trip to get a V-day card and I only looked at the clearance! I think that's progress!

Friday, February 13, 2009

13 Borrowing Another Look

When I saw this picture of America Ferrera in InStyle, I thought, "why don't I wear one of my white shirts like that?" And so I I don't have a thin, braided belt, so I just used one that I had. This pic from InStyle, is from last August, but can be worn any time of the year. Cat from Thrifty Muse left a comment with the P.S. question of "has anyone ever told you that you look like America Ferrera?" Cat, no one has told me that, but I'll take it because she's so damn cute!

Friday's Outfit
White button down - Old Navy ($4.99!!)
Camel cami - AGX (need this underneath b/c the white shirt is so sheer!)
Dark rinse jeans - Target (hello...I wear these just about every Friday!)
Brown peep toe heels - Unlisted, Shoe Cents
Brown belt - NY and Co
Silver Necklace - NY and Co
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks for all the comments and stopping by my blog! Take a look to the right and you can subscribe to my blog (and others) by adding it to your reader!

12 Borrowing a Look

I loved both versions of this look from Missi of Domestic Sophisticate and OTG of What That Girl Wears, that I had to "borrow" the look as well.

In my case, I just purchased the mustard color v-neck tee from Old Navy's super clearance for $2.99, I had the other pieces already. I will say that I think the picture actually looks better than I felt it did in person. The mustard with purple worked and looked great on both Missi and OTG, but as for me, I think in pics it looked okay, but in person I wasn't feeling the outfit. That translated to me slouching and not being that confident on this day. Isn't it crazy how clothes can make you feel like a million bucks or want to slink away for the day?

Thursday's Outfit
Mustard v-neck tee - Old Navy
Purple cardi - JC Penney
Khaki pants - Target
Leopard belt - Target
Brown peep toe heels - Shoe Cents

On a side note, I realized on my post from Wednesday I mentioned that I'm afraid of print, but I look at the looks on Mon and Tues and there's print! I guess I'm nervous about a big, bold print and am glad that I'm trying to work it more in the wardrobe. Also, the shirt from ON in that big, bold print wasn't $6.99, it was $3.50!!! How can you not buy clothes when the price is that low?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11 Stepping Out of My Zone

I love print...mostly on other people. I'm drawn to print when I go shopping, but I rarely ever actually end up purchasing printed clothing. I've done better lately, but this shirt is a big step out of my comfort zone. I love the colors, shape, and feel of it, so I decided, "why not?" The price tag of $6.99 didn't hurt either!

Wednesday's Outfit
Pink/burgundy rose shirt - Old Navy
Burgundy pants - JCP
Black wedge peep toes - Agaci
Black belt - NY and Co
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 My 100th Post!!

Wow...I can't believe I've posted so much, or that I had so much to "show" or "say." Since it was my 100th post, I decided to #1 wear animal print (love it!) and #2 wear the red heels already with the animal print. This is the same type of outfit I've worn before, but with black, white, and red. I initially had a black pencil skirt on, but it was too much for work, of course the BF said..."wow, that looks great!" but when I looked in the mirror I was like, oh no...not for the office.

Tuesday's Outfit
Red cami - AGX (not shown/seen)
Black/white animal print cardi - NY and Co
Black skirt - Target
Black tights - Target
Red patent shoes - Target
Red patent belt - Came with a dress I have
Red beaded necklace - Old Navy

I really appreciate the comments I get from readers on what I did right, and what I should rethink. Reading other blogs is fun to find inspiration and how to remix and pair clothing differently than your first instinct. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Monday, February 9, 2009

09 Monday's Outfit

This outfit post is at the end of the day, along with my picture (after work, commuting, walking the dogs...yes, in my heels). I typically take the picture before I go to work, so this outfit is a bit wrinkled and not looking 100%.

Monday's Outfit
Grey cami - Target ($1.98, people!)
Purple, grey, white floral shirt - Loft
Grey pants - Forth and Towne (these are a bit wide legged)
Grey peep toe wedges - Payless
Black and pearl necklace - Charming Charlie
Grey belt - Target

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by the fab Kimberly over at Fab Finds Under $50 to show my blogspots! I also have a couple of places I blog from...home and the office (yikes, I know!).

Here's the 1st: The Office

I'm lucky enough to have my own office (especially since I'm a consultant), but here is where I sit every day to get my work done. I have a table and two chairs in front of my desk for any meetings I have (none), but it's pretty standard. Behind me is another table that I have some stuff on, but nothing too exciting. My door is closed so I could take the picture without someone becoming suspicious of me! I don't have any personal stuff at work because I'm a consultant, but I've been there for about a year and a half working on major projects. Dual monitors (necessary) to get the job done! A Lemonade cup from the rodeo that gets filled about 3x a day to drink all that water! I'm not a lefty, but I trained myself to work the mouse with my left hand so I could give the right one a carpal tunnel here!

Here's the 2nd: My home (2nd bedroom that is now an office/video game room

Am I the only one who doesn't really care for laptops? I think I might be. I don't know what it is about them, but I've never been a fan, so I have an old school desk (Target), PC (Dell), a Bodybugg (that I need to get to 100% of use soon), and my old paychecks/tax return info. I filed my taxes last week, but yet to clean this stuff off. You'll see on the right had side in that plastic bag...that's Rosetta Stone, so I can finally speak Spanish. I can understand, read, and write it, but I can't get those verb tenses 100%! I also have some boxes on either side of the desk that still need to be unpacked from my move (ummmmm....back in November??? uh, yea)...I'm lazy, what can I say?

An extra pic so you can see why it's the "video game" room...the BF sitting on the floor because the small TV is on another box (yea, I'm classy like that) and those boxes haven't been unpacked, but he HAS to play his new PS game. That cutie in his lap is Napoleon. We had to snap a pic of this because Napoleon never sits in his lap, but this day was so excited to see BF and wanted to sit with him.

If you'd like to show me your Blogspot, please do!!! I'd love to see it!

Update to Post - Birthday Girl Outfit

Here is an update to my original post from here. It was my lovely friend, Jamie's birthday party that I went to a couple of weekends ago and I wanted to post her gorgeous outfit on the blog!
Jamie's Birthday Outfit
Black bubble dress -French Connection
Black tights - Target (I think, maybe Nordstrom's though)
Fuschia/Black heels - Armani
Necklace - Macy's

When you have these sexy, killer heels like Jamie's, these should be the star of the show (outfit) and they were! Everyone loved them and complimented Jamie on how great she looked while celebrating with family and friends!

Friday, February 6, 2009

06 A Spring in My Step

I know this title is cheesy, but it's funny to me. The temps here in Houston are going to be more spring like this weekend, so I thought I'd bust out my "Hey, it's going to be spring soon!" shirt I got on super duper clearance from Old Navy for $4.99...seriously, with prices like this, how is it possible NOT to buy stuff?

Today's Outfit
White cami - AGX
Yellow print shirt - Old Navy
Dark rinse jeans - Target (seriously, I love these jeans and now have 4 pair!)
Brown wedges - Kohl's
Brown belt - NY and Co
Blue print scarf - from the lovely, Athena

My brown shoes are what I call, "weekend" shoes and my "mom" shoes. My mom was with me at Kohl's and she tried them on, but they didn't fit her just right and didn't have another size, so I got them instead. They're more of a sandal, but since it's not cold today...whatever.
I got my scarf idea (it's knotted 3x) from Ally of Cute on the Cheap. Before starting this blog I would have never worn a scarf, I've always liked them, but didn't think I could do it. I like this though and it's also my attempt to mix patterns (something I am WAY scared of!).

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!