Monday, January 19, 2009

Reader Question via Comments

Tiltedhalo had a question via Comments about Spanx:
tiltedhalo said...
I love that color combination as well. I have alot going on round bout the mid-section so I stay away from belts. You look great! Oh and your doggies are so cute. Does anyone know if Spanx really works? What about this infomercial I've been seeing - Kymora?

Okay, so the first part of the comment wasn't about Spanx, but that's the full comment, and first, Thank You to tiltedhalo for reading my blog!

First, belts: I think if you carry your weight in your midsection wearing a belt can help create that cinched in or hourglass shape and helps you create the illusion of a smaller waist. The key is to get a belt that fits don't want something that's going to cinch you in so much to where you can't breath! I think wider belts tend to look good on people who carry their weight in the mid section, but the key is to just try out the look!

Second, Spanx:
Spanx....oh, I LOVE them! Everyone I know wears matter what your size is. My sister who is all of 105 pounds wears them, I wear them, some of the other lovely ladies who blog (see their blogs to the right) love them, and if you need celebrity endorsements, I've heard Oprah, Jessica Alba, and I think Anne Hathaway say they all love and wear Spanx. If we're getting technical, I actually wear Assets, which are made by Sara Blakely, but they are the more affordable "sister" of Spanx. You can get Assets at Target, but they do not have the range of products as Spanx has.

As for Kymora, I haven't seen this and when I googled it, I think it's actually, "
Kymaro." I have never tried anything like this, but has anyone else? Maybe one of the other readers or bloggers can help you out on this one! My problem area is really the hip/butt/thigh range that Assets take care of, but I'm hopeful that someone else has some comments about Kymaro for you!

A product I have heard great reviews of is,
Yummie Tummie, so you may want to check that out!

Thanks again, Tiltedhalo, and I hope I have helped with your question! If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me!

Did anyone else cut off control top pantyhose before Assets and Spanx were "invented?" I swear, my sorority sisters and I could have made a killing inventing Spanx b/c we used to just cut off control top pantyhose when we wanted to have some "control" but not wear tights or pantyhose!


Fashion Therapist said...

Nope they didn't hurt...I'm still debating on if I love them...I gues we'll see in a week. Thanks for the comment on my hair - sometimes it looks fine sometimes it doesn't. :)

tiltedhalo said...

Thank you so much, V! I have the kind of tummy that looks like a mouth for lack of a better description. I really need something to suck that bad boy in. You can really see the top part of my stomach in my tops if I wear something close fitting. I don't like that. I think I will try the Spanx.

The areas of my body that I consider problem areas are my stomach and thighs mainly.

Thanks again for your help, V!

Miss B said...

I love love love Spanx and Assets. They are the only tights/ body shapers that i wear.

Trace said...

Great questions and great answers V! You are always so super helpful! I definitely recommend Spanx - they're a necessity for me for special occasions, weddings, etc. If you've got a Nordstrom's Rack near you, I always see Spanx there on sale. I also like the Assets line from Target, although I find the quality is not quite as good.

KT said...

Spanx rock, Assets do not. Just spend the extra money and upgrade to Spanx. You can spanx me later...

Rachael said...

I haven't tried Spanx but I don't leave the house without some kind of body shaping underwear - mostly Dr Rey. I even wear them under jeans. I used to cut the legs off my control top stockings too haha :)

Anonymous said...


I am trying to understand if this product is really as good as it is advertised. I am puzzled by this Kymaro Video and also Kymaro body shaper reviews I have found. Can you please post you advise here?

Thank you