Wednesday, January 28, 2009

28 Grey Outside

It's so grey outside, I wasn't feeling very festive today. The only color I have in my outfit is my shoes and even with them, the color is so rich, you don't really notice them too much.

Today's Outfit
Grey tank top - Target (new)
Black shawl neck cardigan - JCP (new)
Black/white tweed(ish) pants - Forth and Towne
Maroon/red heels - Payless (on sale for $10 and new)
Grey/white/black scarf (as belt) - Target
Silver and black necklace - NY and Co

The tank is kind of blousey and has this two tiered ruffle that kind of goes into a diamond shape. I thought I was going to be able to take the ruffle out, but when I did, it looked like I had a napkin around my neck because I was getting ready to eat some lobster or something! I immediately tucked it back in!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday (yea, mid-week!) and thanks for reading my blog!


Ally said...

I love those shoes - you look great, as always!

Hillary said...

It was grey today. You wore more color than me. I really like the scarf/belt. Can I borrow? :-)

Zuzuli said...

I'm loving grey right now and you did it so well!

Cat said...

You don't have to go for bright colors every day. I like the maroon pumps with the shades of grey. It would also be fun to see shades of dark blue and dark purple thrown into the mix.

Would you be interested in joining us for the Michelle Obama Wardrobe Challenge?

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Love the colour of those shoes!!

tiltedhalo said...

Why can I never, ever, ever find anything at Target?! Maybe it's just my Target - I have yet to find anything, not a stitch of nothing at Target.

Anyway, aside from that you look fab as always, love the wine pumps. So pretty.