Friday, January 23, 2009

23 The Weekend's Almost Here!

So glad it's Friday...I feel like I just need to sleep, sleep, sleep!

I know it's still winter (technically), but yesterday it got up to like 75 degrees, and so far this morning it seems like it will probably get up to 80 today. I decided to pair my red and navy stripes to get that nautical look. I love the nautical style, but never have the guts to wear it for fear I really will look too sailor-ish. But, I really do wish I had some pants with the sailor buttons on them!

Today's Outfit
Navy/White striped v-neck - NY and Co (this is new, but was on sale for like $7)
Red s/s cardigan - Loft (this is new too, see this where I wore the same, but in a different color...I have a problem with multiples, people!)
Dark rinse jeans - Merona, Target
Red peep toe wedges - Ross
Silver tear drop necklace - NY and Co

Speaking of the weekend....what kind of "weekend" shoes do you all wear? I sometimes have issues on the weekends because I really wear heels every, single day I work and even on the weekends when I go to a movie, have drinks, a party, etc. So during the days on the weekends, I tend to be at a loss for shoes that are comfortable but stylish. I do wear these red wedges out and about on the weekend, I think they're the perfect height. I have a few pair of flats, but honestly, my feet hurt more from wearing flats all day than they do if I wear heels all day. Give me some suggestions or what you wear!

Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for reading my blog!


Lynette said...

Hot momma!

You and your heels, making me feel like a bum at the movies. You even wore heels to drop Napoleon off at my place. 9am on a Saturday!Ridiculous.

You know what I wear... and you're not going there. My blog could be "College Clothes For Life".

Madelaine said...

I love strong colours:D Red very fits You:)

Cat said...

Ooooh, fabulous red heels. Those heels make that whole outfit pop.

Erica said...

I know what you mean about being tired--this week was oddly exhausting, even though nothing unusual happened. That being said, love the stripes with the red! (And I wear flats on the weekend, so I'm no help in that department! Sam Edelman makes very comfy but chic ones, though.)

bluerose said...

You make me wish I could wear heels! You always look great.

V said...

Thanks ladies!

Ally said...

I usually go for flats on weekends. I wear my Sam Edelmans or my *cough*croc*cough* mary janes. After all week in heels, I need a break!

Milly said...

if i dont have any fancy thing going on...dinner/party etc..I run around in flats during the weekend..if its really cold my uggs...the summer with my havainna's

Candice said...

I love women who feel more comfortable in heels than flats, it's so chic and feminine. I try so hard but I just can pull it off, I am dying by midday if I wear heels. I always wear sandals or flip flops, and no they are not fancy or chic, but when it's cold I have some cute pattent leather flats and I do have a pair of wedges that are pretty comfy. I think wedges would work since you are used to heels, I like the wedges that have a nice wide heel, then I feel more stable. I love your shoes today.

tiltedhalo said...

Cute outfit and love the heels with it.