Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 The Sweater Is New (Thursday)

Only one item that's new today. I just picked up two pair of pants from the alterations I'll be wearing those some time next week. Yea that it's already Thursday!
Today's Outfit
Cream 3/4 crew neck - Merona, Target
Argyle cardigan - Merona, Target (on clearance for $6!!)
Army Green twill pants - Merona, Target
Brown woven belt - Target
Brown boots - Two Lips,
Gold multi earrings - Banana Republic

A Target outfit....can't go wrong with that! And I don't know what's up with the picture...looks like my pants might be too tight, but I assure you they are not...I guess it's just the fact that they're twill and they wrinkle so quickly! And am I the only one who isn't crazy about crew neck shirts? I feel like I'm being choked...I guess that's why I couldn't wear the scarf yesterday for too long.
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ohthatgirl said...

I totally understand your lack of love for crew. I don't even bother buying it anymore unless it's a cardi (and can be worn unbottoned). Crews and turtleneck both make the girls look more enormous than they already are plus I feel like I'm chocking all day. I totally eyed that cardi the other day but IIRC it has wool in it so I didn't want to risk a reaction. I like the belt on top of it.

Trace said...

Can't go wrong with Target! I don't mind crews too much but I can't do turtlenecks or scarfs around my neck at all - feels so uncomfortable on me! Love those earrings!

Athena said...

That cardigan is adorable. I love the colors in it.

Lynette said...

I'm weird about my neck, so I'm with you on the crew. Love the colors and argyle! Looks like a completely new you! The lighting in this photo is great too. I can see all the color contrasts.

MUG said...

Only $6 for that Cardi!? I love when you can snag clothes that look like a million dollars for so little.

Rachael said...

I am in LOVE with that cardi. Great score.