Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 New Clothes Wednesday

Have any of you noticed that Loft is now carrying another "brand" of clothing besides just the standard ATL clothes? The top I have on today is from their other brand, Trulli, and I really love it! I haven't researched anything on this, but was wondering if any of you all had noticed that too?

I had on this great scarf from Athena's giveaway, but when I got to the office, I felt weird, so I took it off. I'm not really sure if this even "goes" with the outfit, so you all tell me...what do you think?

Today's Outfit
Magenta sheer top - Loft (see detail of neckline below)
Navy pin stripe pants - Old Navy (see detail below)
Grey belt - Charming Charlie
Scarf - from Athena via the scarf giveaway (see detail below)
Navy pumps - Nine West, Shoe Cents


Kimberly said...

Hmmm, I didn't notice any Trulli when I was at Loft recently, but then again I was in super clearance mode! :-) I think the scarf is totally adorable. You should have kept it on. There is always next time though. Also, I love your color palette and all the extra detailing with the shirt and pinstripes today!

fledglingfashionista said...

That's a really pretty shirt. The detail is beautiful.

The scarf looks nice from the closeup.The white adds a little bit of light to the outfit overall.

Leah said...

Great outfit! I love the scarf!

tiltedhalo said...

Girl, what?! That scarf goes perfectly with that outfit. Another great outfit. You look rather slender in this outfit. ;) What's your secret?

Ally said...

The scarf is awesome - I love this magenta on you too.

I feel weird in my scarves sometimes too but I just let it go and work it :)

Sheila said...

I would have left the scarf on too - maybe you were just feeling self-conscious about it being at your neck? A little stewardess-y?

Suggestion: I can see you have long hair. When you put your hair back, thread the scarf through the elastic and tie it once around the ponytail and let the ends hang down. Same effect (detail up near your face) but not as "chokey" at the neck.

Erica said...

They started putting at the Trulli things this summer--at least, that is when I noticed them! I worked at Ann Taylor up until that point, so I was in Loft a lot, using my discount. That shirt is beautiful--the color and the rosettes at the neck!

Milly said...

wear it with the scarf so pretty

ohthatgirl said...

I love the details on that shirt. It's gorgeous. And the scarf is perfect.

Trace said...

I think the scarf is a perfect touch! That's a really beautiful shirt too. Never heard of Trulli, I'll have to watch for it!