Thursday, January 15, 2009

15 I Told You I Loved...

Animal Print...I love it! I kind of think even with the animal print today, this outfit is a little bland...I guess the brown skirt, tights, and shoes. I tried on red heels, but felt like it was too much for the office...what do you think?

Today's Outfit
Tan cami - AGX
Brown Animal Print cardi - NY and Co (oh, and you know I got this in the other color too)
Brown skirt - Kohl's
Brown tights - Merona, Target
Brown heels - Nine West, Shoe Cents (same as the pair I wore yesterday...multiples, I tell you!)
Red belt - NY and Co


ohthatgirl said...

I would have sported the red heels and struck a "get it girl" pose. You look great either way.

Chantelle said...

Oh yeah. Red shoes would have been really cool with that outfit.

You rock every outfit though. I love the animal print on you. x

WendyB said...

I love it. The animal print goes a long way. You can't look dull with animal print!

KT said...

I likey!

tiltedhalo said...

I love the outfit. Looks really nice and I bet the red shoes would've looked great with that outfit. You must have a ton of shoes!

Fashion Therapist said...

They didn't hurt at all! Definitely feel like they're a good investment.

Ally said...

I'm pretty sure you just need to mail that cardi to me. It's just so awful on you and as your blogging buddy, it's the very least I can do ;)

Work With What You've Got said...

"Animal Print...I love it!"

Oh me too girl!~ I love it on you as well.

I would have worn the red shoes if I felt like it, but we've established I'm kind of a punk like that.