Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13 My Statement (Take 1)

I'm absolutely into the Statement Necklace or jewelry. I love this and this. I just personally haven't found anything that I love and that is affordable (to me). I'm very funny when it comes to jewelry....I love it, but I refuse to pay over $20 for any single piece. It's not real, it's not "important" to me, I'll like it for a little while then get bored with it. There are many affordable places to shop for accessories here in Houston. We have Charming Charlie, Sam Moon, and a whole street (Harwin) that has little shops up and down where stores sell accessories. I got my Statement Necklace (Take 1) at Target. I call it Take 1 because I do plan on finding something that is a bigger Statement!
Today's Outfit
Cream color 3/4 crew neck - Merona, Target
Cream color ruffle cardigan - Merona, Target
Brown trousers - Forth and Towne
Red pointy toe heels - Shoe Cents
Statement necklace - Target


Kimberly said...

I am a big fan of the statment necklace too! But agree it is hard to find a good one for a good price - I think the key is too buy a couple of necklaces and layer them. I need to find a couple because as temps warm up in the spring it will be a great way to add color and fun to an outfit without my typical layers!
As for the red shoes - love them!

Milly said...

I agree....all my fashion jewelry are from stores like F21, H&M or Gem Story (everything goes for $2.99)..i have a few designer pieces like Beverly Johnson, Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs those were bought on great sales. :)
Love your new necklace!

ohthatgirl said...

Love the necklace, love the cardi. I totally love big statement necklaces. I don't have the issue with becoming bored, I'm just too cheap to pay over $20 for a accessory.

Erica said...

Agreeing with the price of accessories...but I love Charming Charlies! I really like your necklace, as well, and you could get away with something much bolder, too, especially with the neutral outfit.

Trace said...

I also agree V - I love jewelry, especially necklaces - but I never spend much money on it. Most of my stuff is from F21, Target, Express, and Kohl's. That's a great piece you've got there, looking forward to your next one!

tiltedhalo said...

I love accessories on other people, but I'm not good at matching accessories to my outfits, so I rarely wear them. Of course, I wear earrings on the daily but hardly any other jewelry. I see other people and wish I knew the right kind of pieces to put together with my outfits. Love, love, love the red heels.