Friday, January 9, 2009

09 Connect the Dots

Here's my attempt at polka dots. I'm not normally a fan...I like the way they look on other people, but I feel weird in them. I figured that since I'm only wearing the dots as an accessory, maybe it will help me break out of my fear of them.

Today's Outfit
Brown 3/4 sleeve top - Merona, Target
Dark rinse, boot cut jeans - Mossimo, Target
Polka Dot scarf (worn as belt) - Target
Rosebud heels - Carlos Santana, Macy's
Brushed gold disk necklace - NY and Co

The jeans are on sale at Target this week and even though these are average length, I'm not sure why in the picture they are showing so much skin, they really do cover up my foot. I need to go and get some short length as well so I can wear those with flats. I ended up buying these because the other ones I have are too big now, and the fact that they have some stretch makes them even bigger.

I really like Carlos Santana shoes...some of his designs can be a bit wacky and too much for me, but for the most part I think they're trendy with some "classic" styles. These and the shoes from yesterday are the same style, and happen to be some of his lower heels. A few years ago when I went out dancing with some friends in San Antonio, I was wearing some very strappy Santana 4 1/2 inch heels (very similar to these) and slipped and fractured my foot.....yikes! I have vowed that those shoes (along with the 2 other colors I's all about multiples!) would be saved for a time when I felt more confident about the 4 1/2 inch heels. They're too cute to part with! The boot I had to wear for about 4 months was not so cute and finding lower heels was a challenge for me, but I did it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I have a friend's party to attend on Saturday, so pics of the outfit later this weekend. Other than that, I'll be relaxing, maybe checking out the Bride Wars movie, and cleaning the house.


ohthatgirl said...

I love the details. The scarf and the pink shoes are fabulous.

Milly said...

the polka dot scarf and shoes are so cute!

E said...

Oh totally cute scarf. And do the pinks MATCH? That's talent.

Ally said...

I love the polka dots and pink - It's feminine w/out being girlie and immature.

Trace said...

Hi V - have to say I LOVE those shoes, so beautiful! OMG about your broken foot - I worry about that when I wear SUPER high heels 'cause I am such a KLUTZ! Anyway great jeans too, and I think the dots look awesome!

The Fashion Pinko said...

The scarf worn as a belt is really cute.

Michael Caroff said...

Santana seems to have tapped into a vein with his Carlos by Carlos shoes!