Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is It Me????

Okay, have I lost my mind or what? I got a nice little coupon from NY and Co wanting me to of course buy online. Free shipping...this is great, right? But, I have another coupon I want to take advantage of as well. So, I go and try to do this, but it will only take one discount code????!!!!???? If I'm doing something wrong, please, someone, let me know. I think this is should be able to take advantage of both free shipping and a discount!

By the way, if you read my post from yesterday, I forgot to mention something about the Britney "documentary". WHAT THE - was up with Madonna's face??? I mean, really. I just saw Madonna in concert a few weeks ago, and even though I wasn't all up in her face, she didn't look like that. I've seen pics of her "new face" online, but the MTV thing took the cake. I miss old Madonna.


Kimberly said...

Very few online retailers let you use multiple coupon codes - it totally sucks!
I totally agree about Madonna. Dave was on his laptop while I was watching and he flipped the screen around and said Madonna looks like this! Ha - she totally does too!

Katie said...

AMEN. I like the "stackable" coupon codes.. I get mine from I wish I hadn't missed the Britney show... I've been hearing all about it!

PS, Kimberly - I love the pic that Dave said looks like Madonna! LOL!! I cracked up when I saw the similarity!!!!


Erica said...

It's very frustrating when they won't let you use more than one! It's usually either your free shipping code or X% off...grrr.

Milly said...

They aired it again yesterday and saw it....and oh my!! you were right...major work done on Madonna!!