Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Almost Done...

So, I moved Thanksgiving weekend and our place is still a mess! I haven't even set up the pc, but I've been taking pictures for the past couple of days. I should be back to regular posting by next week, but will continue to take pictures of my Everyday Wear while away! Of course, I'll still be reading everyone's blogs (but only, "during lunch" at work....hehe!).

Things to think about: (fashion and non-fashion related)
* Did anyone watch the Britney "documentary" on MTV? I can't help it, I still love Brit Brit...she needs to get her act together so Justin will want her back...I mean, seriously!
* I think The City will be WAY better than The Hills. LC, Lo, and Audrina kind of get on my nerves....don't get me started on Speidi. Plus, I think NYC is just a better backdrop for a "reality" show that I'd be into.
* I did not participate in Black Friday shopping....I HATE the mall during the holidays. I will only go into the mall during my lunch break from now through January. When I do go to the mall, I only go to the store I have already decided upon....none of this walking around business. I can walk at work, at home, and on the treadmill.
* I did, however, participate in Cyber Monday shopping....at OldNavy.com. I love ON! So practical for Everyday Wear. I purchased pants, jeans, tops for 20% off, then free shipping and a GC to boot....only paid $83 for 2 or 3 (can't remember), 1 jean, 2 tops....all that for $83!!

**Did I mention how I haven't purchased any gifts and all my shopping was for myself? Yeah, I'm selfish like that!


Kimberly said...

I ♥ Britney! I watched the whole MTV thing. I jammed to her new album all day today also! I hope she gets her shit together and stays together - for herself, her kids, and her fans. Also, got the Glamour today in the mail and she is beautiful!
The City - yay! I am so ready for it.

Allisha said...


I recently found your blog linked from Budget Chic.

Britney is doing oh so well now and yes Justin should drop Jessica and get back with Brit. She is back people. I love the Hills, I have to agree LC and Audrina need to grow up. I despise Heidi and Spencer(don't get me started on that puppet show) Anyhow, great blog!!

Trace said...

Glad to know you survived the big move!

Sounds like you got some awesome deals at Old Navy! Can't wait to see pics!

I'm really excited for the The City too! The previews look great and I love NYC. I enjoy The Hills too but it's starting to get a little old now. =)

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more with you on that {BLACK FRIDAY} thing.it's crazy.I never partake ...there's always gonna be sales.

V said...

Kimberly-are you planning to go to Brit's (we're all BFF's like that!) concert? I think I am here.

Allisha-thanks for stopping by...come back often!

Hillary said...

The Hills have gone downhill and Audrina is spineless. She has no real opinion and is easily swayed by others. Tired of the whole Speidei feud too. Can't wait to see Whitney in NYC. As for Brit-Brit... I missed most of it, but hope to catch it on the rerun. Always entertaining... Looking forward to seeing your new place soon. Hurry up and fix it up ;-)

Milly said...

I missed it...where was i?..under a rock maybe :/ didn't know about the show the city either..i havent been watching TV lately...i'm consumed with the Twilight book :)
i went "xmas" shopping yesterday...got nothing!! well..i did... for me LOL....yep another selfish person LOL