Tuesday, December 30, 2008

29 Back to Work...blah

It's back to work, but come on, really? If your place of employment is anything like mine, yes, we are here and yes, we are working, but really? Everyone might spend a little bit more time getting to work, maybe leaving a bit early, or even taking a longer time at lunch. The parking lot is tons more manageable and the drive isn't bad at all!

Monday's Outfit
White Cami - AGX
Purple swing cardi - Dress Barn
Black pants - Target
Black pumps - Enzo, Macy's

Here's a detail shot of my sweater, this is way closer to the actual color of the sweater...I've tried all the settings on my camera, tried with all lights on, all lights off, standing here, standing there....I don't get it, but oh well!

Who watched The City last night? OMG...LOVE IT!! I love Whitney's clothes, shoes, hair, everything! They really made her step it up (I know it helps that she's "working" at DVF) with the clothing and shoe choices. I absolutely loved her outfit she wore when she met Jay for dinner the first night (I think?). What does everyone think about Jay? I'm not that into him...he's a Justin Bobby knock off, of course this is my first impression/opinion of him...we'll see. What about Olivia? She sure was asking tons of questions about Jay to Whitney! She's so freaking gorgeous though! UPDATE: I just read this on JA's blog....hmmmmm. I mean, I know it's not "real" but it's already that fake?

What are your NYE plans? The BF and I are going to din-din with friends for sushi and then to a bar over here that does not charge an outrageous amount of cover, and we can actually sit down, enjoy some cocktails and chit-chat! What will you wear? I still haven't decided, but need to do that soon!


Madelaine said...

I like this kind of clothes.Perfect for work:D

Milly said...

I really like your purple swing cardi sooo cute...I was looking forward to watching The City but fell asleep 5mins after it started...i was very tired..lol

Chantelle said...

I have to figure out a way to watch The City...

Tonight (NYE in Australia) we're having a nice dinner at home with wine and rose then bed. We'll watch the 9pm fireworks on TV. Sydney has the best fireworks in the world, so they say. x

Hillary said...

I love The city!

I really like the sing cardi. See you tomorrow night. No new dress for me. Wearing something I already had.

Trace said...

That swing cardi is super cute and flattering. Ooooh now I really have to catch The City! Me and my stupid schedule missed it, hopefully I'll catch up this weekend. Whitney is so gorg!!

Kimberly said...

First - love the swing cardi. I am glad you posted a detail shot because it is great!
Second - The City! Jay isn't my type of guy so I don't get it. Could Olivia be any more gorgeous or obnoxious?! My first pair of Manolos were for my Deb Ball - - whatever!
Lastly, tonight the man and I are headed to a yummy 5 course dinner with a group and friends and then will just hang either at the restaurant or back at someone's house. All I can is say is Lobster Tail and Champagne here I come!