Tuesday, December 30, 2008

23rd and 24th Outfits and Post Holiday Shopping

23 Tuesday's Outfit

Top: White cami -AGX
Blue tissue wrap top - Cabi
Bottom: Brown twill pants - Target
Shoes: Brown pointed toe boots - Zappos.com
Necklace: Gold long strand necklace that I looped 3 times - NYC Canal Street vendor

24 Wednesday's Outfit
Top: White crew neck tee - Target
Purple boyfriend cardigan - Target
Bottom: Gap edition boot cut jeans - Forth and Towne
Accessories: Gray shoes - Target
Multicolor scarf - Target

This could seriously be my go-to outfit of choice....I love this boyfriend cardigan and receive tons of compliments on the entire outfit!

I was very happy to spend time with my family this Christmas. My sister, brother-in-law, and brother all came in to my parents house. I haven't seen my sister in a while since she lives in DC and is getting ready to move out of the country for work, but hey, I have a built in vacay sometime this next year! My mother does a fabulous job of cooking everything and we all (me, bf, sis, bro-in-law, brother, mom, and dad) enjoyed all the yummy food she prepared, with some help from me this year! We then all made our way to my aunt and uncle's house to visit with some cousins and then over to another cousin's house who welcomed an addition to the family the day after Christmas! So exciting!

I've been reading tons of blogs about after Christmas shopping and must say I have really helped out our economy! I started my shopping on Christmas day because I had been eyeing tons of items at NY and Co and with my trusty little gift card, I couldn't help myself! The day after Christmas, I went with my friends, Melissa and Lynette to Target (of course!) and Dots. I found some stuff at Target on clearance that I wanted and that needed a home....very good deals. Dots, not so much....nothing going on there, but Dots is a hit or miss place most of the time. We'll definitely be back there!

Saturday, Melissa and I made our way to JC Penney and ladies.....let me tell you that this place has some fabulous deals! I got 2 shawl cardis, a dress, 2 wrap cardis, and a necklace all for under $100! Melissa got some hot Nicole Miller heels for NYE for under $25! Most of their stuff was 60% off plus, we took advantage of a coupon. We met up with Hill and hit Macy's, Banana, NY and Co, and Ann Taylor Loft....all of us got some super deals that day...can't wait to wear them and post the pics! I have to say, I've put BR on the back burner and instead love it's cheaper sister, Old Navy. But, after seeing the great sale, I think BR and I will become fast friends! The same with Loft...they do have some great deals and I kind of counted them out, but I think I love them again.


K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Wow, sounds like you did some major damage, lol :)

I love the wrap top, that is really great on you. And your "go-to" outfit is fab...the boyfriend cardigan is perfect (I need one of those!)

Nice to have you back :)

Trace said...

Wow sounds like you got some great deals! I'm hoping to get out this weekend and put my gift cards to good use!!

Love your go-to outfit, so flattering and cute!