Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 Tuesday's Outfit

This came out soooo dark. I had every light on and tried the different settings, but no luck. Maybe next time I wear this, I can take a picture outside in natural light.

Today's Outfit
Top: Purple metallic stripe long sleeve - NY and Co
Vneck dark purple sweater - Target
Bottom: Black trousers - Target
Shoes: Black heel boots - Hillard and Hanson

I just took these pants, that I've decided will be more of my casual black pants, to the alterations lady. Check out Trace's post on alterations, and let your opinion be heard. I'm the kind of girl who needs pants hemmed and taken in at the waist. My seamstress sews double darts to take the waist in and then really takes her time measuring and making sure the hem is just the way I like it. Another tip I didn't add in my comments on Trace's blog is that I try to wear the shoes (heels in my case) that I will most often be wearing when taking pants to get altered. If I don't know, I wear 2 1/2 inch heels because my shoes vary.

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Trace said...

V, thanks for posting this. It's awesome to see pics of a real-life piece you've had altered. It's also obvious how well these pants fit you now. The tip about the shoes is a great one, very important. Thanks for linking to me.