Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another reason to LOVE Target

For the past two years I've wanted these gloves from Nordstrom. When I REALLY want something, I don't have any issue paying for them. But, I did think that $148 was a lot for gloves, especially when they aren't lined with cashmere and I'd probably get to wear them a total of 5 times a year. So, I decided to just wait and maybe they would go on sale (like how they are now!), but the last two times they went on sale, my local Nordstrom was sold out and by the time I got online, they only had the metallic ones, not the black ones. I figured this would be the year I could purchase them.

So cute!

But, yesterday on my weekly Target stop, I decided to go to a different location than I typically go to, and look what I found! They were $19.99 and the tag said 100% leather. So, these aren't as long as the ones at Nordstrom, they don't go all the way to my elbow, but they fit pretty close!

Even cuter for the price!


Kimberly said...

You and I are shopping twins! I got a pair of long black leather gloves (they have a silk frog closure on them for detail) from Target last year. I have a red coat from the 1940's (inherited from my Grandma) that has 3/4 length sleeves that I love to wear with the gloves. For $20 you can't go wrong!

K.L.R. said...

Discovered this blog and love it! Your outfits rock -- you have a really great fashion sense. I'm inspired by the way you put stuff together.

I only have one negative comment -- why cut off your beautiful face? In your head shot it's clear you are a pretty young woman. I know this is about the clothes, but isn't it also about how the clothes make an individual look? Your face is a major part of what makes you, you :)

Either way, I'll be coming back to see what you're wearing next!

Ally said...

I love those gloves! I like that they're shorter than the others b/c my arms aren't my thinnest feature ;)

Hillary said...

oh wow, that is a total score!

Trace said...

Ooooh I love those too! I need some new gloves, I'm going to have to check those out. Target comes to the rescue again!!