Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19 Wednesday's Outfit

I need to spend some time figuring out what I want to wear, what I want to buy, and how to put it all together. Lately (the past couple of weeks), I've been having a hard time figuring out what to wear. Like I've said before, I have all these clothes, but no idea how to get it together. I think researching online and looking through magazines might help a bit, so after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (my move weekend), I'll try to focus on steps!

Today's Outfit
Top: Red long sleeve, button up shirt - H&M (NYC or DC, can't remember)
Pants: Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Black pointy heels - Nine West, Steinmart
Belt: Black patent belt - Xhileration, Target

What do you all think about the French cuffs on this shirt? I think it's cute, but then I kind of feel weird...I ended up rolling them up for work today.


Katie said...

I like the cuffs! And the color is fantastic!!


Milly said...

I agree with Katie...The color and the cuffs are great!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

OMG, that shirt is GORGEOUS! It's so rich & elegant looking, yet with the trousers it becomes totally work appropriate. I think the cuffs are what lend an air of sophistication to the outfit -- really nice :)

Melissa Rose said...

I'm with everyone else...I love the cuffs and the color! I think I have a shirt similar to that. I agree with trying to put things together that are different yet complimentary...

Hillary said...

I have always liked the french cuff so it's a keeper in my book. You look ready for the holidays!

Caroline said...

Love the red of this shirt.

Have you got a look book? Mine's actually a ring binder with lots of clear pockets in, into which I slot pages from magazines showing outfits and styles I like. When I feel really fed up with all my clothes and routine outfits I flick through and think about what I could recreate while making a list of accessories that would complete the look - belts, beads earrings, etc.

By the way, you have an enviable collection of belts!

Ally said...

I love this whole look. The red and gray are great together and I like the French Cuffs :)