Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 What am I Missing?

I finally got my two pair of pants back from the alterations place yesterday. I had forgotten to pick them up all last week. I'm happy that I now have two more pair of pants to wear!

I feel like something is missing with this outfit. I think a belt, but I don't have a skinny silver or grey one, or even a brown one. I think I'm going to have to add that to my "must get" list. Tell me what you think....what's missing?

This weekend, I headed over to my local Target and saw that they were having an additional 30% off their already marked down clearance! Hello, I scored 2 cardigans and 1 shirt, each for under $9! I even got 3 pair of panties for less than $2 (for the set of them).

Today's Outfit
Top: White, short sleeve pin tucked shirt - NY and Co
Navy blue cardigan - Merona, Target
Bottom: Navy pin stripe pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Grey faux suede Angel pumps - IM, Target

This is me, no makeup yet, with one of my dogs. This is the one I was helping a friend out with to look for a home and he stayed at my place. His name is Napoleon (I didn't give him this name, but didn't want to change it), he's all of 3.5 lbs, and looks like a little Gremlin sometimes!


Katie said...

Patent red leather shoes! :-) It goes GREAT with black and white!


K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Ok, first of all -- how nice to see your pretty face!!! And your doggie is adorable too, of course.

I like this outfit, it's classy and flattering. In lieu of a belt, perhaps a long chain or necklace? Maybe a punch of color in your bag, like perhaps a red or plummy shade?

But even w/o another single addition you still look nice :)

deborah-lee said...

I agree that the outfit looks sweet without anything else. But if you want a little "something" then think about a punch of colour. Red would be great, teal or how about something daring like yellow?

You could do something simple like a headband, brooch or scarf. OR as suggested.. belt, handbag, necklace or shoes.

TexNYQueen said...

Hiya Doll.

I'm with Deborah-Lee - a colorful scarf - something bold or a wild brooch. I just ordered a peacock brooch from Sam Moon - can't wait to get it because of the vibrant colors.

Hillary said...

I agree.. Maybe red skinny belt? Napoleon is so cute!

Jen said...

I was going to suggest a bright scarf tied around your neck... but I LOVE the red shoes suggestion!