Tuesday, November 18, 2008

14 Casual Friday

Well, I haven't uploaded pics for a couple of days, but thought about what my posts would say...

Today's Outfit
Top: Short sleeve, button down teal shirt - Worthington, JCP
3/4 Black, crop sweater - Mossimo, Target
Bottom: Gap Edition, Boot cut jeans - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Black pointy toe slingbacks - Parade (These are so, so, so old!)

How many pair of black shoes can one girl have? I seriously have at least 20 pair! And that's just me thinking about what I have and not actually counting. When I move in a couple of weeks...(yikes!), I'm going to take inventory.


Lynette said...

I wore the black boots you gave me yesterday! Thanks again!

Hillary said...

Cute outfit! I like the short jacket