Thursday, November 13, 2008

13 Thursday's Outfit

I spent a few hours last night getting ready for the garage sale I'm participating in this weekend. I have SO many clothes that I do not wear! So many that might not fit right, I forgot I had, or I just got tired of. I was watching Oprah from yesterday and saw it was their Clean Up Your Messy House episode....I need this! I made lots of room for my clothes to breathe so when I move (in a couple of weeks), I'm going to put some of the suggestions in practice. One of the suggestions on Oprah was to hang your hangers in the reverse direction and every time you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back the "right" way to determine which pieces you don't wear in a six month period. You can then get rid of those clothes.

I'm definitely going to put that into practice at our new place!

Today's Outfit
Top: Sleeveless, grey, floral print top - Old Navy
Bordeaux, rib knit cardigan - Old Navy
Bottom: Navy twill pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Plum peep toe, faux suede t-straps - Nine West, Macy's


Katie said...

I love these colors! Very pretty!

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

Love the combo of gray & maroon...and the bow is very classy.

I saw that Oprah too and got inspired! I have VERY limited closet space anyway so everything needs to be something I love & wear often.

Hillary said...

That hanger thing is a good idea. I'm going tot ry that too. We are gonna have a ton of clothes at that sale.

Trace said...

I LOVE the feeling of getting rid of stuff, especially clothes that are taking up room. Hope the garage sale goes well!

And I really like that blouse. It looks awesome with that cardigan over it.

E said...

I love that tie blouse more and more each time you wear it. The shade of the cardigan compliments your skin tone so well, too!

Ally said...

I do that with my hangers and it really helps. Unfortunately, I just have a lot of clothes and wear 95% of them. Ack!!