Friday, November 28, 2008

26 Wednesday's Outfit

Got to leave work early on Wednesday....that's always a treat! But instead of packing, what do you think I did? I went shopping! Nothing major and actually no clothing or accessories, but I still managed to not pack.
I won't be fighting the crowds at the mall or any other store today (Friday). I typically steer clear of the mall on the weekends prior to Christmas...I don't enjoy the crowds. And I do a lot of shopping online for gifts, as I will this year.

Today's Outfit
Top: Dark green v-neck sweater - H&M
White cami- don't remember where
Bottom: Gap edition jean - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Tan boots - Don't remember where
Scarf: Oblong printed scarf - Perry Ellis, thrifted

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and if you're going shopping...have fun! I'm moving this weekend, so no posts until sometime next week (hopefully). Have to get the pc hooked up and all that!

25 Tuesday's Outfit

No creativity here. I've been slacking, and I know it, but I have the big move coming up tomorrow and trying to get everything sorted out.

Today's Outfit
Top: Colorblock cardigan - Merona, Target
Pants: Navy Pinstripe pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Black pumps - Enzo, Macy's

Here's the last of my gang of dogs. This is Vader...he's super cute, but super bad. Everyone who meets my dogs likes Vader the most because he's always on his best behavior when new people are around, but once they leave, forget it! He's moody and only listens when he wants to (wow...kind of like his owner!).

Monday, November 24, 2008

24 Monday's Outfit

I can't believe Thanksgiving and my move are all happening this week! I'm nervous about the move...just want everything to run smoothly, but I'm such a procrastinator, that I'm sure I'll be up all night Thursday and Friday!
What is up with the weather here in Houston? It was so cold last week, then yesterday it was 80 degrees! Today the high was going to be somewhere in the low 80's, so I decided to not wear tights.

Today's Outfit
Top: Purple cardigan - NY and Co
White cami - AGX
Bottom: Skirt - NY and Co
Shoes: Black pumps - Enzo, Macy's
Belt: Black skinny belt - NY and Co

Friday, November 21, 2008

21 Yea...It's Friday!

It's so cold today in Houston (by our standards)....I love it!

Today's Outfit
Top: 3/4 sleeve, white v-neck - Merona, Target
Purple boyfriend cardigan - Mossimo, Target (on clearance now for $14)
Bottom: Gap edition boot cut jeans - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Tate Oxford Bootie - Payless
Scarf: Purple Deco Floral Scarf - Xhileration, Target (here's detail of the scarf as well)

This weekend I'm participating in another garage sale (I hope my stuff sells again!), going to a friend's party, and I'm starting to pack for my move the weekend of Thanksgiving. I'm not so excited about the move, because packing is NO fun! I plan on getting a lot of my things moved the day after Thanksgiving though so the BF and moving crew (friends) only have the heavy lifting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

20 It's Almost Friday!

So super busy at work today!

Today's Outfit
Top: Deep red charmeuse top - Apt 9, Kohl's
Skirt: Grey herringbone skirt - Worthington, JCP
Tights: black tight - Merona, Target
Shoes: Tate Oxford Bootie - Payless

I'd been wanting shooties/booties for a while now. Of course I didn't want to pay a lot for them since I know they're more of a trend piece. I saw some at Target and these at Payless, but they're still $30 and to me, that's a bit higher than I would expect to pay at either of the stores. Hill informed me that they were on sale and I went right over there to Payless last night to grab them up! I used to have a pair of shoes similar to this in junior cute!

I tried looking for the link to the skirt on, but couldn't find it...I just got the skirt a couple of months ago, so was surprised, but oh well. I love paper bag waist skirts (I think that's what they're called) and wanted one even though I know it doesn't 100% flatter my figure. When I originally bought it, I picked up black and the one I have on. I came to terms that it wasn't the best purchase since it didn't look great, but since I loved it so much I would settle with okay.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19 Wednesday's Outfit

I need to spend some time figuring out what I want to wear, what I want to buy, and how to put it all together. Lately (the past couple of weeks), I've been having a hard time figuring out what to wear. Like I've said before, I have all these clothes, but no idea how to get it together. I think researching online and looking through magazines might help a bit, so after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend (my move weekend), I'll try to focus on steps!

Today's Outfit
Top: Red long sleeve, button up shirt - H&M (NYC or DC, can't remember)
Pants: Herringbone pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Black pointy heels - Nine West, Steinmart
Belt: Black patent belt - Xhileration, Target

What do you all think about the French cuffs on this shirt? I think it's cute, but then I kind of feel weird...I ended up rolling them up for work today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 What am I Missing?

I finally got my two pair of pants back from the alterations place yesterday. I had forgotten to pick them up all last week. I'm happy that I now have two more pair of pants to wear!

I feel like something is missing with this outfit. I think a belt, but I don't have a skinny silver or grey one, or even a brown one. I think I'm going to have to add that to my "must get" list. Tell me what you think....what's missing?

This weekend, I headed over to my local Target and saw that they were having an additional 30% off their already marked down clearance! Hello, I scored 2 cardigans and 1 shirt, each for under $9! I even got 3 pair of panties for less than $2 (for the set of them).

Today's Outfit
Top: White, short sleeve pin tucked shirt - NY and Co
Navy blue cardigan - Merona, Target
Bottom: Navy pin stripe pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Grey faux suede Angel pumps - IM, Target

This is me, no makeup yet, with one of my dogs. This is the one I was helping a friend out with to look for a home and he stayed at my place. His name is Napoleon (I didn't give him this name, but didn't want to change it), he's all of 3.5 lbs, and looks like a little Gremlin sometimes!

17's Monday

So, I'm posting this on Tuesday, but I know what I wanted to "say" yesterday....
This weekend was so busy! Friday night was the bf's birthday "get together." He's so low maintenance (we balance each other out in that way!), we went with some friends to go see the new James Bond movie and then headed to a small neighborhood bar. I actually didn't stay that long, his friends could handle it, because I had to get ready for the garage sale on Saturday morning.

Hill, myself, and a couple of other friends sold lots of stuff at the garage sale! So much that we're going to have another one this Saturday....I can't wait....I made a little over $200 on Saturday. I guess it pays off to buy in multiples?!! (Does anyone else have this problem?) I literally had the exact same pair of NY and Co cuffed capris in black (4 pair), navy, khaki, army green, pin stripe, burgundy....(you get the picture) to sell.

Sunday was a friend's skating party. I didn't skate, but I tried my luck at wearing thesenew shoes I got from They're super tall, and super cute, but not everyday wear shoes; mostly for when I go out. I decided to buy them from because they have such great prices for some of the really trendy type of shoes that I know I'm not going to wear a lot. I just can't see paying over $100 for some shoes I know I'll only wear a few times. This site makes things affordable! After the skating party, I headed out to the Madonna concert with some friends! She's such an awesome performer, I was hoping for more of the older songs, but I guess that will come when she says she's retiring or when she releases another Greatest Hits album.

I was so, so, so tired this morning I even wore my glasses to work! I've only done this 3x in my know I had to be too tired to put the contacts in. I think my lack of motivation showed in my outfit choice as well.

Today's Outfit
Top: Pink v-neck sweater - Forth and Towne
White cami tank - AGX
Bottom: Maroon cuffed pants - Worthington, JCP
Shoes: Brown pumps - Anne Klein, Macy's
Necklace: Vendor in NYC

14 Casual Friday

Well, I haven't uploaded pics for a couple of days, but thought about what my posts would say...

Today's Outfit
Top: Short sleeve, button down teal shirt - Worthington, JCP
3/4 Black, crop sweater - Mossimo, Target
Bottom: Gap Edition, Boot cut jeans - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Black pointy toe slingbacks - Parade (These are so, so, so old!)

How many pair of black shoes can one girl have? I seriously have at least 20 pair! And that's just me thinking about what I have and not actually counting. When I move in a couple of weeks...(yikes!), I'm going to take inventory.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

13 Thursday's Outfit

I spent a few hours last night getting ready for the garage sale I'm participating in this weekend. I have SO many clothes that I do not wear! So many that might not fit right, I forgot I had, or I just got tired of. I was watching Oprah from yesterday and saw it was their Clean Up Your Messy House episode....I need this! I made lots of room for my clothes to breathe so when I move (in a couple of weeks), I'm going to put some of the suggestions in practice. One of the suggestions on Oprah was to hang your hangers in the reverse direction and every time you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back the "right" way to determine which pieces you don't wear in a six month period. You can then get rid of those clothes.

I'm definitely going to put that into practice at our new place!

Today's Outfit
Top: Sleeveless, grey, floral print top - Old Navy
Bordeaux, rib knit cardigan - Old Navy
Bottom: Navy twill pants - Old Navy
Shoes: Plum peep toe, faux suede t-straps - Nine West, Macy's

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 Wednesday's Outfit

I had no clue what to wear today....I didn't plan my outfit last night and it took me a while to find something to wear. I have 4 closets in my apartment for clothes and I have 3 1/2 of them filled with my clothes. My boyfriend gets 1/2 of one closet! And I couldn't find anything to wear this morning! Ever feel like that? I guess I really need to take more time to plan ahead....

These pants are great, but I never know what to wear them with. Last time I wore them, well, I didn't really feel great the whole day. Any suggestions on what to wear with these maroon pants?

I do plan to make a dent in my closet space this weekend, I'm selling some of my clothes in a garage sale Saturday. No shoes though....I just can't part with most of them. This weekend I also have the Madonna concert....can't wait to go to that!

Today's Outfit
Top: Black cami - Linda Leal, Steinmart
Plaid cardi - NY and Co
Bottom: Maroon cuffed pants - Worthington, JCP
Shoes: Black pumps - Enzo, Macy's
Belt: Black skinny belt - NY and Co
Jewelry: Black and pearl necklace (and earrings, not shown) - Charming Charlie

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11 Sweet and Sassy

Just like me, sweet (a little bit) and sassy (a lot), today's dress needed to be punched up a little, so I added the studded belt.

Had an amazing weekend in Austin with some great girlfriends, attended a 20's themed shower and bachlorette party, so it was good that I kept my flapper costume from 2 years ago. I'm so tired still though!

Today's Outfit
Dress: Black Ruffle Dress - Mossimo, Target
Shoes: Red Patent Pumps - IM, Target
Belt: Black studded belt
Tights: Black opaque tights - Merona, Target

Friday, November 7, 2008

07 With or Without Casual Friday

I'm happy it's Friday...have a very nice girls weekend planned for a friend's bachlorette party in Austin. I'm going to visit a high school friend while I'm in Austin as well...haven't seen her in about 5 years, so it should be great!

Belt or no belt? I like with, because you can see my waist, but not sure. My bf said he thought it was a bit much, what do you think?
Today's Outfit
Top: White ruffle shirt - ON
Tan cami - AGX
Bottom: Gap Edition Boot Cut jeans - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Black boots - Hillard and Hanson, Mervyn's (I've had these forever and only had to get them re heeled once!)
Scarf: From OTG's accessory swap via Kimberly
Belt: Black skinny belt - NY and Co

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another reason to LOVE Target

For the past two years I've wanted these gloves from Nordstrom. When I REALLY want something, I don't have any issue paying for them. But, I did think that $148 was a lot for gloves, especially when they aren't lined with cashmere and I'd probably get to wear them a total of 5 times a year. So, I decided to just wait and maybe they would go on sale (like how they are now!), but the last two times they went on sale, my local Nordstrom was sold out and by the time I got online, they only had the metallic ones, not the black ones. I figured this would be the year I could purchase them.

So cute!

But, yesterday on my weekly Target stop, I decided to go to a different location than I typically go to, and look what I found! They were $19.99 and the tag said 100% leather. So, these aren't as long as the ones at Nordstrom, they don't go all the way to my elbow, but they fit pretty close!

Even cuter for the price!

06's from Target!

Obviously, I love Target. It really has just transformed since I was younger...I used to not like any of their clothes at all. They started stepping it up and now I go there at least twice a week. I guess sometimes I prefer it so I don't have to go to the mall. One thing I really hate is making a trip to the mall...I love clothing and shoes, but just hate fighting crowds, trying to find a spot to park, etc.

Today's Outfit
Top: Navy 3/4 top - Mossimo, Target
White cami - AGX
Bottom: Blue plaid trousers - Merona, Target
Shoes: Gray faux suede, Angel pumps - IM, Target
Belt: Metallic belt - Xhileration, Target
Jewelry: Gold and silver necklace - OTG's Accessory Swap via Kimberly

I couldn't find the links to the Navy top or the

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

05 Couple of Outfits

My outfit from Monday is nothing exciting to write about. I think I needed a belt or something, but didn't have one. Next time I wear something like this, I think I'll try a Kimberly.
Monday's Outfit
Top: Animal Print tie back shirt - Kohl's
Red, ribbed l/s cardigan - NY and Co
Bottom: Brown Allegory Pants - Forth and Towne
Shoes: Brown, faux snake skin, peep toes - Steve Madden, Ross

For today, it's going to be about 84 degrees here in Houston, so I tried to take advantage of that.

Today's Outfit
Top: Off white, tissue thin, turtleneck - Mossimo, Target
Tan cami - AGX
Bottom: Blue swing skirt - NY and Co
Shoes: Tan peep toe - Nine West, Marshall's
Belt: Leopard print belt - Mossimo, Target