Thursday, October 30, 2008

Honest Weblog

Thanks, Penny Pinching Princess for tagging me with the Honest Weblog! I'm late, here are my 10....

1. I have three Chihuahuas...yes, 3! I only "wanted" 1, but then was given the 2nd by my mom. The 3rd one came when I was helping a friend out who needed to find a home for him....I found a home...mine. If I could afford it and had more room, I think I could have 1 more dog, but I won't.

2. I'm very scared of monkeys...actually, all primates...they kind of gross me out.

3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE New Kids on the Block! I knew they would get back together eventually, that's why I refused to throw away any of my posters or magazines I had with them in it. My mom cleaned out my old closet a few months ago and gave me a big box of the stuff I had...paid off for me because that's how I won sound check passes and got to meet them!

4. I love watching cooking shows on the Food Network and have cook books, but I really don't like cooking that much.

5. I'm the oldest of three, but truth be told, I have more of the middle child characteristics than my younger sister and she has more of the oldest child characteristics. My brother is def. the baby.

6. I'm bossy.....I try not to be sometimes, but it hasn't worked out for me that much!

7. When I was younger, I really wanted to be a plastic surgeon. I thought it would be so cool to help people out. I did a big school project on my favorite career and when I found out how long you have to go to school I said, "forget it." I got my BBA in Finance and International Business instead.

8. I use a calculator all the time....I mean, even to add simple numbers. If I don't have a calculator with me, I can't really do any calculations in my head....I attribute it to the dependence of the graphing calculator for Calculus in high school and my financial calculator in college.

9. I have one of the oldest cell phones still works! I'm not really into phones.

10. Besides being bossy, I'm also messy. I'm lucky my boyfriend is neat...he keeps it together.

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Kimberly said...

I love chihuahuas! You must post a picture! Here is my little long-hair girl, Calli Emma -