Friday, October 10, 2008

Eleven Little Things

The lovely E tagged me with the Eleven Little Things Meme, here it goes....

1. Clothing Shop: The now defunct Gap brand store, Forth and Towne. Even though this store was marketed to a "more mature" woman, I loved their clothes! They were classic pieces that anyone could wear. I guess that makes NY and Co and Target my stores of choice.

2. Furniture Shop: Don't have a favorite, but my stuff is a mix of a chain store where my bedroom and living room came from, Ikea, and some Target pieces. A good mix.

3. Sweet: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

4. City: Chicago, DC, and of course Houston!

5. Drink: Regular has to be water and then diet Coke, Adult is vodka/tonic or vodka/water w/limes or some vino.

6. Music: I'm so Top 40/Pop/Hip Hop/R&B. I have 2 NKOTB concerts, Madonna, Janet/LL Cool J, and Coldplay coming up!

7. TV Series: My DVR's on overdrive: Oprah, Grey's, Private Practice, Office, Real Housewives, etc.

8. Film: My all time is The Goonies with Mary Poppins coming in at second. But I do love me some SATC movie!

9. Workout: I'm trying...I started back at the gym this week...5am!

10. Pastries: Cupcakes, my mom's pecan pie or her Tres Leches...yum!

11. Coffee: regular-2 creamers, 2 splendas; fancy - pumpkin or cinnamon dolce non fat latte

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